Thu. Jul 18th, 2024


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Ken Carman
14 years ago

I have a real problem with this one. If he had been in public: any place but his own home, it might be different. I fully support them investigating, but charging him with what they did is just not right. If he had been abusive to his wife, his kids; even his dog or cat I might have sympathy. Police who challenge a person in their own home might expect respect, but they shouldn’t be able to arrest people who aren’t if it’s their home and it’s all a mistake.

To me this is an issue of free speech and just how much cops can regulate what happens in our own homes.

RS Janes
14 years ago

I’m going to post more on this, but I’ve known some cops and seen situations where somebody may be giving the officer a mildly hard time, but not to the extent that they warrant an arrest. (Professional cops defuse the situation and pass it off with a laugh — they are in the business of arresting real criminals, not loudmouths.)

Fortunately, the cops I’ve know joined the police force for good reasons, but they know only too well about the sadistic bullies and the raging egotists with very thin skin in their ranks. The latter become cops so that they, to put it plainly, don’t have to put up with shit from anybody. Give them lip and they’ll arrest you, even if they know they have no grounds and the charge will be thrown out later. They get their jollies just from ruining your day, humiliating you, and making you submit to their authority, and they usually get away with it, as it’s not worth pursuing over a minor charge that was dropped anyway.

From watching Crowley’s video clips, he impresses me as this kind of thin-skinned egotist; he may be a good cop most of the time, but have someone question his authority or use too loud or angry a voice, and he throws the cuffs on and hauls them in — a total waste of time and the taxpayers’ money to satisfy one man’s outsized ego and lack of professionalism.

BTW, Crowley ‘teaching’ sensitivity to other cultures and against racial profiling cuts no mustard with me — this is like the cops who used to go to high school classes to tell the kids about the ‘dangers’ of the ‘highly-addictive drug’ marijuana and inform them with unambiguous certainty that if they indulged in weed they would inevitably end up a mindless heroin junkie in the gutter. Even in the ’60s most of the teens knew this was baloney and giggled about it after class was out.

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