Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

(We offer two snippets from the article. One wonders how consistent they are with this. -OEN)

We love a good HOA story—well, they’re never “good,” so we should say “gripping” or some other adjective—and here’s a new one that hits close to home, since it involves our 2022 MotorTrend Truck of the YearRivian’s fantastic R1T. A Florida resident bought one of these new electric pickups, and now his homeowner’s association is telling him he can’t park it in his driveway, because… it’s a truck. (snip)

The presiding judge in that case shared the same thought we had: Lots of SUVs (and even the hapless Chrysler PT Cruiser—yep, the judge picked up on that, too) are classified by the EPA as light trucks. If we were in Gordon’s position, we’d be combing the EPA site and demanding that the HOA enforce the rule against every SUV that the EPA classifies as a truck. But that’s just us. We like to be difficult. Or, at least, to match difficulty with difficulty.


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