Sun. May 26th, 2024

House Republicans loudly booed President Biden in an openly confrontational response to his State of the Union address this week. “The raucous peals of ‘liar,’ ‘that’s not true’ and at least one expletive lobbed at Mr. Biden during his 73-minute address dwarfed outbursts during previous such speeches, most of which have been interrupted by a single disturbance, if at all,” according to The New York Times. House members were particularly vocal when Biden said some Republicans want to sunset Social Security and Medicare.

House Republicans are divided on whether the heckling “was inappropriate — or whether it helped them effectively communicate their position to the American public,” according to The Hill. Some in the GOP say the shouting was necessary to push back against what they said was an unfair accusation by Biden that conservatives are out to take away Social Security and Medicare. They accuse Biden of “instigating” an outburst to “put Republicans in a bad light,” The Hill said. Others think the uproar went too far. Did the heckling help the GOP, or hurt it?

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