Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

I have been told that since the United States has outsourced it’s manufacturing capacity, that we are now a service oriented society.

My sister-in-law has moved to an apartment complex that has one of those massive multi mail boxes in front of her building. In order to get a key, when you move in, you must call the local branch of the post office.
OK, that’s fine.
Get a call this morning from the post office. “We can’t get into the box to change the lock, we don’t have a service person to fix it, so we have to wait until the postmaster returns from vacation to make a decision.”
So, I call and ask them to send me the mail. They explain that I would have to come in, to the office and fill out a change of address form and then wait 2 weeks for it to become effective. Or, I could drive my ass to their office every day to pick up the mail.
First off, I can’t drive anywhere, anymore. Secondly, my wife, in working 12 hour shifts, taking care of me, my granddaughter and her sister has no additional time to drive there.
OK. I tell the post office, that since the billing companies such as cable and utilities won’t except a broken mail box as an excuse, I suggest they stamp the letters, return to sender due to post offices inability to fix a mail box. After being told they couldn’t do that, she spoke to someone else.
They have now assured me they will again attempt to get the box open today, and will call me back.
My response was good. If you can’t get it open, we’ll be having this same conversation again. She then said “alright, have a nice day.”

Service Industries indeed!


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