Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
We all have seen the pyramids of power, showing the king at the top, we peasants at the bottom, and assorted managers and officials in the middle. Now, in the structure of the Foundations, turn that over. Or, the inverted pyramid of power.
The idea behind democracy, and especially direct democracy, is to create a self-correcting institution or government. But, sadly, and reinforced daily by the media, we believe that we must be in fact, ruled by someone, or something. That the lazy, cruel, and evil “Others” will take away our freedom and things. That it’s all or nothing, for everything. That, is the power of brainwashing, though in many cases, all it took was a light rinse.
What we see now, in states controlled by the Con-controlled Republicans, is literally crooks writing laws to ensure they, the crooks, won’t get caught. And any real connection with rule by the consensus of the governed, is usually a PR mistake of some sort. Their strings are pulled by the “Donor Class” to whom, they owe their power. All of the crazy laws they write, are just part of the show. In truth, we live in a feudal system, with much better technology and the appearance of self-governance. And that system, is in truth, is based on an authoritarian corporate structure and the evil “Shareholder” economic lie.
Our system of democracy has never been uniform, or even fair. There have always been those that control far more than one voter’s share through wealth or connection. To begin the road to the stars, the evolutionary path to our potential, we must begin with a more evolved system. Checks and balances, were the Founder’s solution to this problem. But they never planned for a biased media, working in conjunction, with an ideologically authoritarian faction, controlling the majority of the wealth of this nation. How could they foresee that? After all, most of the Founders were dead by the late 1820s.
That is why, we need a new type of solution to a problem unforeseen in the writing of the Constitution. And also, the reason, the Cons and Nutzis cling to it like the life raft, it is, for their war on minorities, women, and the economic poverty, that of spirit, and that of the soul, they have built, in this nation. Democracy, and the value of a human being, are in a war with an authoritarian cancer, and most think it will simply pass. That “Other People” will have to fix this, because they don’t have time or interest in politics. That will never happen, unless we all get involved and we turn off the propaganda and noise machines. That now in large part, does our thinking for us.
It all begins with the rule by consensus of the American people. That is the point of gerrymandering, voter suppression, and propaganda. To make sure that doesn’t happen. To ensure the rule of money, to make sure that the ideology of hate, gets free reign. Democracy was intended as a self-correcting mechanism, to avoid the pitfalls of monarchy, and authoritarian government. As we can now see on full display in Russia, the Cons model state, as hundreds of thousands die in vain, to satisfy an authoritarian’s wet dream, with no recourse. Only, to die on command. That is why democracies are so very important.
Also, a self-correcting direct democracy, is just so much simpler. We vote for policies, and give direction to those that manage our instructions. Make sure they can be removed at any time, like the employees they are. Yes, they are employees, not rulers, and that is what we must understand! We, as a consensus, in this time of electronic, near-instantaneous communications, can serve the same purpose as the proxy semi-democracy, we now live in.
In addition, we put into place a series of “Grand Jury-like” institutions, to make sure those on the local level, can make government work for them also. Large pools of citizens, are by lottery, picked for a body that investigates local and state problems. They have the power to investigate, report and hold accountable. There are also regional and national versions. To give a real voice to the consensus, and to play a major role in the self-correcting mechanism that is a Foundational democracy. Based on truth as reality, logic, ethics, and honesty of intent and function.
The judiciary must be trained from a young age and taught that political views, are not compatible with judicial ones. They are indeed servants of the law, and cannot be in any way influenced by political pressure, or an inherent ideology.
Our present-day system, forces the citizenry to remain at arm’s length, while embracing the consensus of the Donor Class. The above are simply the bones of what is possible. But, we shift daily away from the potential of a self-correcting society, into the darkness of some sort of version of Putin’s Russia. If we soon do not choose, then it will be done for us, with horrible results.
RC Romine
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