Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

I took a trip to our local Publix to pick up my wife’s meds Saturday morning. Usually, there is a group of protesters there, at the local women’s clinic across the street, with their signs, peacefully exercising their constitutional right to protest. They are usually older, and peaceful. But Saturday, it was instead of Grandma and Grandpa, with signs, it was younger and middle-aged men with step ladders, bullhorns, and a lot of intensity and anger. I heard on the news later, that two of them had been arrested. The entire issue of abortion has been politicized into insanity.
It is time for perspective!
Abortion only became political/religious idiocy when Evangelicals used the issue to protect their resegregation of education, the so-called “Christian” schools. Before that, they were perfectly fine with it. Then it became intertwined with women’s liberation, and the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment.) Now, it is an assault on women in general, simply a red herring, in a sea of lies, excuses, and myths, all in an effort to protect the fragile male ego, and the certainty that demands.
But, there is an underlying truth, in what they, the Evangelicals are saying, the potential of a life is taken. Logically, I feel that that life should have never been started, Using contraception, instead of abortion. It just makes sense. But that’s not the real issue. The problem, well, not really, is that sex is fun! And creates strong bonds outside of the control of the traditional and existing, religious, and political power structures. The real fight going on is whether sex is fun and natural, or really only for having kids. And under strict political/religious control, through the institution of male-dominated marriage. That is the real fight.
You can see it in how for decades, prostitution was okay, and porn is okay. Abuse of women is okay, domestic violence drew a “Wink, wink.” Anything that supported the fragile male ego, and its demand for control, was supported by the churches, the government, and politics. Men led, and women followed, many times, ten paces back to show enough respect for the male penis. We have seen marriage used in such a way, to ensure male control. The concept is that in some way women are elevated through marriage, instead of the truth, that in sadly, too many cases, they are controlled.
I come to these conclusions after 42 years of marriage. But, unlike so many marriages, we always saw ourselves as equals, merging, as opposed to the traditional male-dominated, “wife beater” arrangement. But in fact, to the Evangelicals, that itself, is the problem. Equality of human beings, is a threat to their religious order of things. In their view, God is a male, Jesus is a male, so they, in their own eyes are just following in their footsteps.
Abortion is just a single piece of their ideological, religious attack on the equality of women. Divorce, will soon be attacked because it gives an escape hatch, to women. The real purpose of all of this is based on male control of women and children. That for some men, control, and certainty of their place in our society, is the most important thing.
Just a final thought, the growth of angry “Incels” or “Involuntary celibate” males, is the perfect example of what I am saying. Without total control, they can’t find smart women that will have anything to do with them. Thoughts like “Take a shower” or “simply be nice to women, elude them because they feel, they are owed to dominate women, use women, abuse women, and never be anything other than an asshole. Relating to another human being eludes their privileged, as the penis carriers, fragile egos and worldview. That’s what this is really all about.
RC Romine

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