Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

No, this is not about religion, even though they use religion. This is about the gods of problem creation and enhancement. It happens every day. They have names like Taylor-Green, Cruz, Jordan, Trump, and the new “godling” Ron Desantis. First, they announce the new problem, then they describe the new problem, then they ride it like an ugly horse, but sadly, only rarely into the sunset. These are the problem gods, problems that only they and Koch-financed think tanks can see. Then, they become a problem for everyone.
With a brand-new pseudo and made-up problem, that no one expects, so there is no defense, and with the ear of Fox News and their idiot friends. There is a new sin to be defeated by the righteousness of idiot ideology and hate. Welcome to the world of the problem gods. They call themselves “Culture warriors” but they are just fear-seeking guided missiles, designed to give the problem gods, something to scream.
They are the gods of the “Culture Wars.” The transgender bathroom heroes, the warriors against woke, and the defenders against drag queens. ^The think tanks create the shit, the culture war gods spew it out like they are processed by demons, heads spinning and mouths screaming, and the Trumpsters and Nutzis eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then they …
We are in a struggle, that we didn’t start, nor did we want. This was foisted upon us because we wanted to be more than just intelligent animals. We had the drive to become evolved human beings, and for that, they seek to punish us. This is about evolution, to be more than an abuse-based society, and the push-back by the abusers. The “Problem Gods” have just been an effective means to hide that. It is time to defend ourselves!
They only get away with it and are so effective with it because, they, the Cons own the media and the economy. It’s certainly NOT because they are righteous in any manner or way. There are three legs to the devolution monster, the Cons, the Nutzis, and the Godders. Each of them has its own agenda but the same purpose. To force their beliefs and their “Comfort zones” on us. So, there is always a problem, that we caused, and they must rectify it.
I, for one am tired of the games, the attacks on truth, and logic, ethics, and honesty. All under the banner of heaven and some sort of grievance. The Foundations!
RC Romine

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