Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

“Creating a 1984-like vision…”

We are all involved in a war, a war against Americans. One whose deaths are hidden in COVID deaths, in statistics of children not having enough to eat, Of Americans being denied medical care and literally left to die. The real numbers are hidden by media armies that tell us only what their commanders let them. By armored columns of think tanks and ideology-fueled talking heads. They have built fortresses of lies, of a faux superiority of narcissism-based mental illness. Their tidal waves of money, their well-crafted denials, and their puppets on a string of money and power, to deliver those lies. Yes, my friends, we are in a war!
They use subterfuge and misdirection, lies and theories, deflection, and attack instead of guns. At least most of the time. But their war has produced a nation of casualties, while making sure to blame everyone else, but themselves.
They attack drag queens, the transgender, and anyone different enough to create a false defense from, to hide their theft of our nation’s wealth. There is never enough for them, but we always ask for too much. They created the debt, they use to beat us down with, but yet, they deflect that truth. They hide this war, with culture wars, deflection of what they do, and accusing the innocent of their true guilt.
The rich Conservatives or the Cons, as I call them, the racists or the Nutzis, and the Evangelicals of the Godders, have built a mighty army, dedicated to the destruction of democracy. They have attacked the center of this nation, the central core of truth, as reality, logic, ethics, and honesty. Creating a 1984-like vision where you can’t believe what you know, or that you see through lying eyes, you must believe only what they tell you! With the Cons and their allies 2+2 will always equal 5, or whatever they tell you.
And yet, their “High Command” of the Koch’s and their network, the Mercers, and assorted idiot ideological billionaires protecting the hundreds of $trillions they have stolen, from this nation’s wealth, bear no responsibility, for what they have paid for. They are beyond our reach, too big to fail, disguised as job creators, hiding in plain sight, from the truth, that they are the nation’s destroyers.
There is no winning as long as they enjoy a safe haven from accountability! They will simply up the ante, and shut down the economy they control, when they feel threatened. Their puppet strings are long and powerful. The question is, do we dance their death dance, or do we break away from them? That’s the real question and that’s the real war.
RC Romine

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