Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

More brilliant satire from William K. Wolfrum:

Angry Townhall protestors accuse Hitler of being “the new Obama”

By William K. Wolfrum
William K. Wolfrum Chronicles

BERLIN (Aug. 25, 1939) A townhall meeting led by Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels was interrupted by angry protesters, shouting anti-Nazi chants and carrying signs that compared Fuhrer Adolf Hitler to Barack Obama. The townhall meeting – which had the purpose of gaining support for Germanys planned attack of Poland – was briefly delayed as the protesters had their say.

We want our Germany back, screamed one protester. We will not go down the radical path America went down with Obama!

Nazi officials hurriedly escorted the protesters outside, and promptly dispatched the protesters with bullets to the head.

Later in the day, Goebbels met with ABC political star Jake Tapper and denied that Hitler was leading Germany down the path America went with Obama.

Listen, the comparisons with Obama are just flat out insanity, said Goebbels. Obama tried saving the auto industry, tried to get health insurance for all Americans and tried to help the U.S. and the world fight Climate Change. He was historys greatest monster.

Goebbels said that Hitlers agenda was nothing like Obamas and that Germans were worried over nothing.

Adolf doesnt want any of those things, said Goebbels. The Fuhrer and all of us have only the best intentions for this nation and we will continue our simple plans of invading every nation in Europe and eventually the world. And the people must not worry. We will continue to work to rid the world of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, the disabled and other undesirables.

We have only started. We will kill and maim millions and millions and millions more, until the Aryan race has its boot firmly on the neck of civilization, added Goebbels. These comparisons to Obama are just nonsense.


2009 William K. Wolfrum.


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The All-Mighty Webmaster
14 years ago

What I find really stupid about all of these references comparing Obama to Hitler/Stalin/Lenin/Pol Pot/Saddam is that these clowns don’t realize they are literally watering down and minimizing how evil these men actually were. This is how dim the people on the Right have become.

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