Sun. May 26th, 2024

In the immediate aftermath of World War Two, something unusual happened. Fair trials were given to the leadership of the losing side. Now trials had happened before, just usually highly orchestrated show trials, which had the outcomes pre-ordained and were for the purpose of propaganda. But a fair trial based on evidence, had never really happened before. It was a moment of advancement for mankind. To actually hold the powerful accountable for their actions on the basis of the rule of law. That no one is above the law, not even the most powerful.
To do so, hundreds of thousands, in just the American army alone, gave their last full measure of patriotism, to bring these cruel criminals, to the bar of justice. My Father would die 20 years after the war, from injuries sustained during the war. What we saw, in 1945 was actually an extension of the “New Deal.” Because within the New Deal philosophy of “Fairness” and the elevation of all Americans, rose as an upwelling of education, of determination to be better, and to make America better. All the things, we now see the Cons, Nutzis, and the Evangelicals, all rebel against. Because all of them follow an authoritarian regimen based on the use of cruelty.
An unthinking devotion to cruelty is the trademark of the unevolved intelligent animal within all of us. That cruelty is driven by a primitive need for “Comfortable Certainty.” In which, those that turn over their minds to it, are never wrong, have all of the answers, and set themselves up as the standard for what is righteous. Even though they are none of the above!
Evolution is not the same as in nature, for us. There it is the development of traits and skills to survive against predators, or for predators to eat enough to continue the species. For us, it is to survive the follies of our own making. And so far, finding that path has been elusive.
The single trait found in all intelligent animal societies has been cruelty. It always has a rationale, a basis for the flaws of our humanity. It is an offensive defense, against something seen as worse than the inherent cruelty, of their society. It becomes institutionalized within that society, or its norms, religions, or laws. To form the basis for an abuse-based system, such as ours presently. We can see it in the extreme form of predatory, monopoly capitalism, now in play.
Presently, it all seems so hopeless. The intelligent animals control information, much of the nation’s governments, and the totality of the economy. We seem to be just hanging on. BUT, the Cons and Nutzis, and the Evangelical hijacking of religion, are exercises in what they do best, show only the image they want to be seen. The simple truth is, if they could take over, they would have done so long ago.
The spirit of the New Deal is not dead, in fact far from it! But, we must go further. We are in a war against the norm of cruelty, of every failure as human beings that has ever happened. We stand on the side of the Universe. We seek uncertain understanding as opposed to comfortable certainty. They seek to once again impose cruelty, the rigid systemic use of lies as camouflage for the truth of their basis in oppression. Evolution is our tool, to become the potential within our DNA. Cruelty, is the sewer, they thrive within.
RC Romine

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