Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Their assault on education has been ongoing for decades and perhaps the most egregious of all of their insane culture wars. That’s why I have changed the Trumpster / Koch Networks assault on democracy, to the “MASA” movement. Or, the “Make America Stupid, Again” movement. It’s a lot like a bowl movement, in that we will all feel better when it is flushed down the toilet!
We have lived through the diarrhea of this movement for coming up to 5 decades. Is it not time to take an anti-diarrhea medicine and end this laxative of money, enabling stupid feces? We once had the best schools in the world, where those that wanted a good education, got one. Now, that is not assured.
They, the Cons have turned our university system into a gigantic debt machine, using their best weapon, debt, as a way to control the best and brightest. It works just like religion for the smart ones, they have to turn off their brains, to pay off their student loans. They will do exactly what they are told, because if they don’t their student debt grows until it eats them alive. That’s the real truth. It is time to understand the true cost of letting the Cons, Nutzis, and Evangelicals create a new generation of stupid, while at the same time enabling arrogant incompetence.
I’ve had way too many trust fund fools as bosses because they were from a “Good” and right-thinking family. But to me, the idea that the same people that sentence veterans to a slow death of poverty and neglect, the same people that want to take 22% of their already inadequate budget away from them, daily wrap themselves in a flag, or at least a flag pin, and call themselves patriots! Create for themselves a religion that hates, and call themselves followers of Jesus, when they follow the absolute moralism and double standard of Paul and pastor Bubba.
I become sad and angry, as they take MY America apart and substitute the one of the Koch’s, the Billionaires, and the worst of the worst. The only way that works is with a MASA/ MAGA movement. These are the true enemies of what is good in this nation. The very nation so many gave so much, to give a chance. My Father, and all of his real patriot buddies, the ones that actually fought against authoritarians, instead of for them, must be spinning in their graves because of all they gave to keep our democracy. And yet…
RC Romine

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