Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Let’s Talk About Think Tanks

Written by Richard Romine

There are at least 40 think tanks, funded by billionaire ideologues working 24/7/365 to push their anti-democratic agenda. So, why is that a problem? Because conservative think tanks are not only where “Woke” and “Truth” go to die, they are where lies are focused and have lipstick put on that pig. Where “CRT” was born, “Trans Bathrooms” was born, and where the pea soup comes from, as in “The Exorcist” style, is spewed everywhere, while their heads spin around and around. You don’t really think that Ted Cruz, Marjory Taylor Green, and Jim Jordan are smart enough to figure this shit out? That’s what think tanks are for…To supply the pea soup… These guys are just the vessel for the demon. The think tanks supply the demon.
So, who are they? From
Less about media than general criticism of the Left.
Pro property righs, anti United Nations, anti-immigration, anti-globalismn and, …..anti-Bush.
Offers the conservative viewpoint on a number of issues, and has lately spear-headed the campaign against “neo-Darwinism” in advocating “Intelligent Design”.
Applies conservative Catholic Judeo-Christian values to public policy.
Defending, as they say, “family, faith and freedom”, the FRC addresses a host of subjects including marriage and family, bioethics, abortion, religion, culture, economics and taxes
They believe what they believe, no matter who stands in their way – right, left or center. In a strange way, it just wouldn’t be America without them.
Committed to exposing “liberal bias” in the media, MRC appears much more focused and effective that AIM, above.
“Conservative news and information”. An “all hands on deck” of conservatives and conservative opinion.
Libertarianism explores the links between liberty, morality, Capitalism and Judeo-Christian culture.
Materialism, Capitalism, Individualism.
Libertairian and oriented toward Oregon, there are broader issues under “Policy Areas”.
Influential Libertarian advocate of free markets, limited government and individual rights.
Libertarian advocates for free markets, judicial conservatism and Judeo-Christian culture.
“Individual liberty, free markets, private property and limited government.” The FFF takes its libertarianism very seriously, so much so that even liberals may find themselves nodding while reading.
Moderate libertarianism, go to “PolicyBot”.
Colorado-centered, but addresses general issues.
Aims to eliminate government influence and interference in all aspects of life.
With the usual emphasis on “lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a smaller, less-intrusive government” pertaining to social security and healthcare, the IPI also addresses intellectual property and technological issues.
Libertarian views on defense, education, regulation, homeland security, immmigration, Cuba and postal reform.
Thumbnail discussions of what libertarianism really is, with links to more in-depth information.
Devoted to the economics of classical liberalism and libertarian political theory.
For you Rand fans, all things objectivist, including a detail statement of philosophy and issue positions.
Influential mainstream conservative organization.
Much, on the whole reasonable, often intelligent, not infrequently amusing, conservative opinion.
Conservative brick bat.
Free-market, anti-regulatory corporate conservatism.
Conservatism and Libertarianism; an excellent source site for readings in both.
A sophisticated Regan redux generally critical of neo-conservatism.
Advocate for the spread of American leadership in the world.
Influential, mainstream conservatism: anti-regulatory, anti-tax, traditional values.
Moderately conservative advocate of free enterprise and small government. Look under “Publications” for the Hoover Digest and Policy Review. Uncommon Knowledge is also very good, and the H is fairly generous is giving access to its books in BooksOnline.
Mainstream conservatism.
Advocates free markets and deregulation. Non-interventionist foreign policy perspective. Look in the Archive.
The Institute, associated with Rice University, conducts research and programs in many areas, the majority of which have to do with foreign policy and economics. Its research bias is conservative, though its papers (under “Publications”) offer views not always associated with conservatism.
Under “Scholars” is an extensive listing of the members’ writings.
Market-oriented. Extensive publications on government accountability, regulation and market-based social change.
Its goal is to develop and promote private alternatives to government regulation and control, including reforms in health care, taxes, Social Security, welfare, criminal justice, education and environmental regulation.
Conservative views on a wealth of issues, occasionally drawn from other organizations.
Formerly the Nixon Center. Focused on foreign policy.
Market solutions to environmental and educational problems.
Neo-Conservative blueprint for the future. Significant influence over the present administration, though no publications since 2005.
Seeks solutions for major national problems in privatization and the market.
A “left” Republican take on a wide variety of issues.
Excellent source for the conservative viewpoint on taxes.
So, when you hear and see the next “Tragic” made-up culture war problem being spewed on television, you will know who the parents of that particular spawn of the devil, is.
RC Romine
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