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Helen Philpot is an 83-year-old woman from Dallas, Texas, and she and her friend of 60-plus years Margaret have a blog where they talk politics and the human condition. Here’s a taste of what they write, but read their site for yourself. BTW, I just hope I’m this lucid and sane at Helen’s age. (Thanks to Cheri for this tip.)

“I guess if you get enough morons congregating in one particular geographical area, eventually they will vote a fellow moron to represent them in Congress. Kind of like sleeping with your cousin eventually your offspring are not going to be right in the head. But the idiot parade coming out of South Carolina seems to be getting longer and longer these days.” []

“When exactly did we become so enamoured with health insurance companies that we are now so adamantly fighting for their rights to make a buck off our misfortunes? None of this makes any sense to me. The President wants to make a speech encouraging our children to stay in school and study hard and we compare that to Nazi Germany. Doctors talking to patients about feeding tubes and life support machines has become some secret plot to kill Grandma. Making sure a woman can get treatment for her breast cancer is unreasonable. Whats next? Governor Perry and Governor Sanford fight to see which state secedes from the Union first — Texas or South Carolina? If only”
— Helen Philpot, “A Buttload of Moolah!” Margaret and Helen Blogspot, Sept. 10, 2009.

“Rush Limbaugh. Good God where do I begin? Honestly people, a third grader has a better grasp of world affairs than this yahoo. The next time you tune to Rush, ask yourself one question: Do you really want to base your entire political opinion on the musings of a college drop out? I mean even Sarah Palin managed to get a degree — albeit after five colleges and six years. And for the record Mr. Limbaugh, you fat bastard, the basic concept of insurance is spreading the risk over the greatest number of people possible thus making loss, when it occurs, manageable. My God you are a moron.” []

“But even with all this proof that the Republican Party has become a Confederacy of Dunces, somehow the Democrats in Washington cant get their shit together long enough to pass a meaningful healthcare reform bill. Mr. President, I ask you this: If they dont even believe you are an American citizen, why the hell do you care if they think you are going to kill their grandmother? Rush Limbaugh was not elected to any office. Pass healthcare reform with a public option and move on. Rush will get over it. Trust me. He has a pill for that.”
— Helen Philpot, “Michelle Bachmann’s Burning Bush: There’s a Pill for That!” Margaret and Helen Blogspot, Sept. 4, 2009.


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