Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Then What is the excuse for the Cons and Nutzis He is Running Circles Around?

I don’t usually get involved in party politics because it’s all so stupid. But I have to say something when the idiots are screaming about Joe Biden’s senility, while he actually gets crucial bills passed and makes fools of the Cons, and Nutzis. I saw Donald Trump, the demigod of the Cons, wearing his hair like the mayor of Whoville in the Jim Cary version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, babbling about Ashley Bobbitt getting shot while breaking down the door to the Senate Chambers. Claiming that she is some kind of hero. While Joe Biden actually gets things done.
I have to give the old guy credit, using the best ploys of Sun Tzu and political judo, to make the desperate Kevin McCarthy and all of his threats, go away with his tail between his legs, while claiming victory. The old guy, yeah he is even older than me, did this. I truly hate political maneuvering, but for once I have to give the guy credit where it is due. He is effectively fighting an authoritarian insurrection and for the first time since Reagan was president. I am impressed.
To those that see how he tripped and fell, or that he speaks slowly because he has a stutter, as an excuse to see him as you want, to fit your mold, I fear you are doing the same as the Cons, just for a different reason. I have never been a big fan, what he did to Anita Hill was unconscionable. His jog to the right along with Clinton was too. But, I do believe in redemption, and perhaps this is his…
Sometimes, we have to be patient, for the world to catch up with us. Maybe, this is just that. We have fallen so far into the Con and Nutzi pit, that there is no way out except for the way we got into it, a little at a time, with a plan. To those that seek to scream and do little, where were you when we got pulled into this pit? Hate me if you want, but sometimes the truth is necessary.
RC Romine

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