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In the beginning, Christianity was the most Progressive religion in the world. It was perfect, in that it answered all of the questions, had a martyr that had been sacrificed as a sign to an all-knowing God, and had a human focus in Jesus, that we could all aspire to. As I said, it was the most advanced concept of who we are and our place in the universe, at the time and before science.
From Wikipedia
“Together, the Beatitudes present a new set of ideals that focus on love and humility rather than force and mastery; they echo the highest ideals of Jesus’ teachings on spirituality and compassion.[11]
In Christian teachings, the Works of Mercy, which have corporal and spiritual components, have resonated with the theme of the Beatitude for mercy.[12] These teachings emphasize that these acts of mercy provide both temporal and spiritual benefits.”
In other words, WOKE AS HELL! So, how did it all get so turned around? It’s like the Pharisees and the Romans had taken over the modern Evangelical leadership. From who they were.
“Who were the Pharisees and why were they against Jesus?
Overall, the Pharisees were a religious sect that opposed Jesus because they wanted to maintain their own power. Jesus rejected the way the Pharisees were living and instead taught a higher law, inviting all to come unto Him.”
What’s so crazy here is that the leadership of the Evangelical church has become the same people that persecuted the actual Jesus! How can that be? After all, I live in Florida, where “Woke” goes to die. In other words, the actual teachings of Jesus go to die and be replaced with the attitudes of those that put Jesus on the cross for his “Woke” transgressions.
I believe that great movements forward, as Jesus was, are soon turned into power centers, and a business, then become a complete con, seeking only to entrench and increase the power of the institution. The original Jesus is long forgotten within the institutionalized con.
What we see now, in my humble opinion, is a religion that has come to reflect its leadership far more than Jesus. They tend to be followers of Paul, the former thug and moral abolitionist. They are closer after 2,000 years, to the Romans, and the Pharisees, than they are to the one they pray to.
Jesus was “WOKE” and they hide in the nonsensical and contradictory words of the Bible, instead of looking to the spirit of Jesus and what he preached. Because they are the new Pharisees, they have become only sort of Christian, when it suits them.
RC Romine

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