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Eric Elder
14 years ago

Oh, I sure hope I see more of these. I can kind of guess where these may be going. Keep up the good work.

I would be nice to have a graphic of a Republican War Monkey. I couldn’t find any on Google images.

Eric Elder
14 years ago

Some of my favorite German phrases: Gott im Himmel–God in heaven, Schist in der Hogan–shit in the stocking and Stimm Mir auf dem Puckel!–Get off my back! I hope I spelled them correctly.

Oh, and one more for Young Rush–Ficken sie sich!–Guess what that one means!

RS Janes
14 years ago

Thanks, Eric. I think I have about one more on Rush’s German Relatives and then I’ll go back to Young Rush’s origins. Thanks for the German phrases, too — I’ll see how many I can fit into the next cartoon.

“Ficken sie sich”? It means the same as ‘fick dich’ doesn’t it?

Eric Elder
14 years ago

Fichen sie sich is the formal way of saying it. Fick dich is probably the familiar way of saying it.

RS Janes
14 years ago

I’m not fluent in German; I just understand a few words and phrases, mostly vulgar or insulting. Someone once told me ‘Flick Your Bic’ in German was a horrible insult and I believed them, dummkopf that I am.

Ken Carman
14 years ago

This will be a test comment: one I had rejected 4 times, possibly by a public computer. Hey, but it’s fun anyway. I’ll also check it later. Last time it showed up on site but had disappeared when I checked later.

I took German for three years, damn near flunking every one. Kind of embarrassing for an English major, but some are talented in learning a foreign language, some not. Guess I’m just too hooked into my own natural tongue wag.

The best teacher had was Mr. Irwin, one of the more “with it” teachers in the 60s. A friend of mine brought him a list of phrases that he verified after shaking his head. Most teachers would have sent him to the office.

The spelling will be off, I’m sure and no umlauts. Do Germans have keyboards with umlauts?

Muttermauser: what Othello did to his Mother before he tore out his eyes.

Verschlecte: Monica

Shiskopf: anyone who laughs with a smirk, but then claims he doesn’t know what that means may be a s___head.

Hoften Mist: this is a little more vague. “Pile of hay,” but it’s often assumed something is in the hay, so pile of…

I got some verification a few years later. While on tour I was dealt a bad hand in cards at the clubhouse where I was staying. A lady who had been quiet during the whole game turned bright purple when I shot out the words I thought only I knew and wasn’t even sure had been translated right. She had just come over from Germany. The resort owner laughed as he told me the next day he realized I couldn’t have known, but to never do that again.

RS Janes
14 years ago

Ach du Leib Zeit, Ken! It seems our Congress and Media are rife with Muttermausers, Verschlecters and Shiskopfs (which I have also seen written as ‘Scheisskopf’) constantly pushing Hoften Mist.

Having once worked with a German man who had a great time insulting the boss while he was in the room by saying something in Deutsch and then, if asked by the boss what he said, would innocently claim he was complimenting his tie or something, I was highly entertained by some of his favorite vulgarities and curses. As I recall ‘Herr Kackekopf’, ‘Herr Bockmist” or ‘Herr Schwachsinn’ were three of his favorite names for our boss, the first of which roughly translated as ‘Mr. Shithead’ and the last two as ‘Mr. Bullshit’. Der Abteilungsleiter never caught on.

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