Mon. May 20th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper has again been lying low, awaiting a suitable subject to expound upon. The waves are overflowing with things to pass by. The week of Obama-vision we just went through helped to bolster the opinion I have had that the genius of this president is allowing his opponents to exhaust themselves.

I predict that we will see a solid health care reform bill, complete with a public option. In bringing this about, the president will quell the winger multitudes and their owners for a good stretch. The following successes, bringing the Olympics to Chicago, stalling the freefall in the economy, and subduing the corporate forces that fund the astroturfers, will further his reputation. This should all lead to the redress of the issues of the last administrations rape of the Constitution, torture, and war crimes.

We are in a good place people. Remember how horrible we have had it in the past eight years! We have an adult as president again!

Another good thing to keep in mind, is the fact that however loud and obnoxious Rush and Beck get in the next few weeks, whatever issue they latch onto and hype, they have now been proven by the 9/12 event in D.C. to be blowhards that require fuzzy math when calculating their crowd. Nobody sides with the loser in America. The advertisers that have bailed from Fox over the Color of Change campaign have halved the revenues of the Glenn Beck show. Everybody knows that they are always ahead of the curve.

The NP would like to mention the death of the census worker in this past weekthe one that was discovered on 9/12 with fed scrawled on his chest. When the perpetrator of this murder is revealed, it will be a male winger that subsists on a diet of paranoia and Fox News. If I were that guy, I would be seriously afraid of the pot-growing interests he just brought a world of hot scrutiny down upon. The last thing in the world that the national park dope interests want is a valley full of agents turning the county upside down in this, the harvest season. If youre going to be a reactionary, you have to think things through.

This concludes my tardy contribution to the LT Saloon for now. Be assured that as long as this fight continues, the NP will watch the ebb and flow and comment in timely fashion.

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