Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Written by Ken Carman

“Into the cornfield.”

And that’s the last thing we heard for a long, long time… except crows, and the wind, and the rain dripping down on the house where the little boy-God lived.

He had ordered us here, so here we stayed; no longer quite human… we could not die. We stayed only because he had the power to keep us here.

But human boy-Gods don’t live forever.

All that time, waiting in anger and fear. Many of us have gone mad, and some just so viciously angry the result is the same. We have dwelt upon every word said without good intent, every action and in-action, all the weak hearts who give into such bullies…

The boy-God may have put us here out of malice yet, though he never imagined it possible. through the use of his powers he couldn’t help but plant a seed in us that grew. Now that he has gone the seed has sprouted a hundred fold. Each of us with power unintentionally given to us by the boy-God. Together we are more powerful than he was… have more anger than even he had.

And we have not forgotten every injustice.

And we will release our madness, our anger, on a world that gives into little boys.

We have pulled ourselves out of the cornfield. We are looking for you.

It’s almost Halloween.

Are you ready?
Copyright 2009
Ken Carman
all rights reserved

Still image from Twilight Zone episode: It’s a Good Life; used only for contextual and educational purposes.


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