Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Here, in their first film, are the two young men who infiltrated the corporate world and exposed them for the chintzy cheats and soulless scammers most of them really are. As The Yes Men themselves describe it:

“The film’s story is simple: two guys, armed with nothing but thrift-store suits, infiltrate the world of big business, where we make a lot of bad, powerful people really uncomfortable.

“You’ll see us knock $2 billion off Dow Chemical’s share price, expose New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin for the corporate lackey he is, and show some of the most powerful free-market spokesmen to be C-level liars.”
–From “The Yes Men Fix the World’s a Riot. No, Really,” Common, Oct. 6, 2009.

Along with Michael Moore’s brilliant take down of Gordon Gecko corporatism, “Capitalism: A Love Story” currently in theaters, we are seeing a full frontal assault on the real culprits in most of our society’s present misery — insatiable greed, inadequate morality, and the imbecilic idea that a faceless corporation is the same as a flesh-and-blood person.

Look for both films at a theater near you. Who knows, between both Mike and The Yes Men (and others) informing the public as to who is really at fault for our economic woes, maybe we’ll bring the monster down to size in our lifetime.


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