Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

This piece dedicated to Senator Tommy (Dingal) Tuberville of Alabama and all those who always know best what other people should do.

Alabama is said to be considering changing its state motto. Up to now, that motto has been a Latin phrase that translates to mean “We Dare Defend Our Rights.” And boy howdy, do they ever, especially if you’re an egg. The right of an embryo must be defended at all costs, even if actual real live living people have to have their rights denied in order to do that. Life is sacred, damn it, and busy bodies will kill you to protect it. Because that’s their right, and no one is gonna rob them of it, especially not those radical Democrats, Socialists, and Communists in the Deep State or in D.C..

Or, for that matter, if you’re one of these obnoxious busybodies who just want to put your noses in everyone else’s business, you’re probably already hard at work to remake the entire United States on that Alabama model. The plan is to start with rebranding the GOP as the GOB, taking it from the Grand Old Party of Lincoln and the Abolitionists to the Government of Busybodies, those people who have been inspired by Trump and by fascism to Make America Great Again over the objections of the majority of Americans. The GOB won’t be deterred from sticking their noses in everyone’s business, from the use or abuse of ovaries to the places where people are allowed to pee, then on to what people have the right to read, what they might be allowed to say, to do, or to think. It’s the GOB’s right to impose their attitudes and beliefs on others, to make them carry fetuses to term, and ultimately to ensure that people who think otherwise are told once and for all that they’re really not welcome here. The GOBs don’t want no Muslims ‘round here, or Mexicans, either, or sluttish women who get themselves knocked up, then think they can just discard their fertilized egg babies willy nilly.

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