Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has not minced words when it comes to his plans for a potential second term — from declaring he’d proudly reign as a dictator, to promising revenge on everyone who has attempted to hold him accountable as he faces 91 criminal charges.

In a Thursday, February 29 op-ed for MSNBC, former US Ambassador to the Czech Republic and Brooking Institution fellow Norman Eisen and former federal prosecutor Andrew Warren point out the ex-president and his allies have made more than 250 threats to end democracy.

Eisen and Warren write:

So far we have documented over 250 promises and plans from Trump, his staff and associated groups that threaten democracy: from attacking the free press to praising authoritarian leaders to promising to purge federal employees. His penchant for spreading disinformation and baseless conspiracies is another red flag. So is his embrace of Christian nationalism and his condoning of antisemitism. Recently, and infamously, he even said he would be a dictator on ‘day one.

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