Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

“Now with extra RIGHT ON!”

It all depends
By Postherboy (From Bartcop.com)

Term Limits Good, when Dem’s control congress.
Term Limits Bad, when Repub’s control congress.

Filibuster is a necessary tool of democracy, when Repub’s do it.
Filibuster is being “obstructionist”, when Dem’s do it.

Special Prosecutor Statute Good, when Dem is in the White House.
Special Prosecutor Statute Bad, when Repub is in the White House.

Polls mean something, when Repub numbers are up
Polls are “fixed”, when Repub numbers are down.

Violating UN resolutions is justification for action, when they are our enemy.
Violating UN resolutions is only ignoring a bad resolution, when they are our ally.

Exit Strategy Good, when Dem is Commander in Chief.
Exit Strategy Bad, when Repub is Commander in Chief.

Polls mean something, when Dem numbers are down.
Polls are “fixed”, when Dem numbers are up.

“The courts have ruled”, when they agree with the ruling.
The courts are “legislating from the bench”, when they disagree with the ruling.

Over-site Good, when Dem is in the White House.
Over-site Bad, when Repub is in the White House.

Deficit spending good, when Repubs do it.
Deficit spending bad, when Dems do it.

Dismissing drug use Good, when a Repub does it.
Dismissing drug use Bad, when a Dem does it.

Dismissing sex acts Good, when it’s a Repub.
Dismissing sex acts Bad, when it’s a Dem.

Hypocrisy Good, when engaged in by a Repub.
Hypocrisy Bad, when enguaged in by a Dem.

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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14 years ago

this is more like it. good sight but james is uneven and draging u down here.

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