Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

This is my response to my wingnutty friend that sent me a video clip of Andrew Breitbart:

I choked down this nugget as best I could. You see, I really want to
engage with you on pertinent issues, however, this chunk of vid is rife with so many crimes against logic it makes it impossible to reply to. I think that this is the point of the framing. Neither the host nor the guest has any intention of stepping away from the cage match aspect of this “interview, thus I am left with no choice to draw the conclusion that they both have a wager to tend to. There was a vote taken last November, and the pair on that vid LOST…all that remains is four years of working the refs and waiting for Obamas inevitable mistakes.

I have stated emphatically many times that I spend a great deal of my life researching a long history of human events in order to get some perspective and free myself and my friends from the guilt of miscarrying our responsibility to the future. Trust me; the righties will stop at nothing to get their spoiled asses back to the garden. What is important is that there are at least some people that realize that they had it all and threw it away by their avarice. The story of the right in America was told by the Orwell book Animal Farm. They have used a generation of false narratives that have led to the destruction of productive discourse in this country. We have been lied to, cheated, neutered, raped and pillaged by these so-called patriots. What the real word is that they should be referred to as is: tyrants.

Thank god they failed when they did. I credit the Founding Fathers in their construction of our Constitution that rendered these fascists as lame as they are. THEY HAD IT ALL, and they blew it. The future will condemn them far more harshly than I ever could…not for losing…but for the hubris of thinking that they could dismantle America and take her home in their pocket.

Now, the next war will be with the operators of corporate America. These were the ones that used the right wing as a mask all through the last thirty years to deregulate the government’s responsible watchdog…to the detriment of all of us — especially those that own homes.

That paranoia you feel, that fear… is being fed to you through these outlets. Stop acting in opposition to your own interests and realize that you’re being manipulated. I have friends that thank me all the time that I care enough to point out hypocrisy when I see it. I certainly hope that you are one of those friends, reader.

Im no dilettante communist or bright-eyed socialist. I am an American patriot born at the least opportune time that can be imagined. One in which the very definition of the words we use to speak to each other have been corrupted into factional dog whistles, and worse.


This elicited another link to the Chicago Tribune and more Breitie-right drivel!

My response:

Clarence Page is entitled to say anything his overlords on the board of the Chicago Tribune allow him to say, which is why the newspaper biz is on its way out. I am positive that you can find any number of stories that go along with the attempts to corner the great Obama…this one is couched in a lame attempt to say that he can campaign but not govern, others will claim that he is against the press because he has correctly identified FOX as a 24/7 political racket. The death of a thousand cuts it’s called. It almost worked in Clintons case.

What is important for everyone to know is that the righties are familiar with the brain research that proves that the brain stops processing when it is captured by fear. Theyll be using that tactic until long after you and I are dead. The past eight years were the experiment to see the capacity of this dynamic, only it got away from its creators and is threatening to devour them! Who is scared now? If you intend to survive, the last thing you want to do is panic in a crisis. Thats Hollywood for you!

It is so rich to hear your friend Drew try to play the moderation game in his little screed about the discourse in our country. Do you see who is sitting in those seats? These same folks who led the cheers for the torture regime we thankfully removed last year. National security is better served by the unity referred to by your hero, but he cannot make me forget who brought up the “with us/against us” meme in the first place.

I see this all the time; in the very next breath he says he can’t wait to get back on offense!!! He is offensive to me by his pandering to the insular group of elites he is front for. He is going to force the media to tell stories that are inconvenient??? Fat chance douche…how ’bout the New York Times holding the story about the US attorneys til after the 04 election? Never did an administration do so much damage to the truth for so stupid a reason. Thank god they have been reduced to paid trolls on the comment sections of Huff Post and Daily Kos.

This discussion is over. In a year, when the facts of the torture cases start to further restrict the talking points of these babblers, when the economy starts to recover, when the wars begin to end…we’ll discuss this some more.

Breity ain’t too bright if he thinks he can erase my memory with some fake fawning politeness and drivel about how connected he is. This country is worth defending…from this corporate shill. We communists will have him shot like a commissar. (That last sentence was sarcasm.)

Look, you yourself have to shake this authority complex you have. I can’t send you to some website or have you listen to some pundit to get there. You must acknowledge that the seed of incredulity is your own or you wouldn’t be coming to me to hash out your politics… in all things!

Thanks for trusting me enough to ask the questions, even if they are in the form of argument. I would rejoice if something I said could make you stop listening to these selfish crooks that spread fear to make money and see that you’re smarter than that. I can see when it’s a lady from Joliet, but where is the sophisticated urbane person that writes the songs that ought to be dictating the trend?

The fallacy they spread is that without their perspective you’ll be left out in the cold.

That is not a policy, thats a cult.

This concludes the News Paupers pissing match with those in the Red-State of mind. What my deluded email friend sent was just more of the same-old, tired, bought-and-paid-for punditry that has become the standard operating procedure for the right-wing media.

The very fact that my little friend would approach me with such drivel is proof positive that the righties have convinced a few of their devotees to evangelize, or at least attempt to. Maybe they should pair up and go door to door like the Jehovah’s Witnesses dummies do! Ha!

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2009 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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Ana Grarian
14 years ago

Very well said. I would say your meanderings have done your mind well and enabled you to write in a clear, impassioned, and intelligent manner.

14 years ago

dunne is beeting a dead horse. u cant talk to crazies. why waste your time? but i liked what u said anyhow. u have to expload sometimes or go nuts.

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