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“Where YOS boasts of sending him back into the Corn-field. Watch out Mommy! Sonny boy’s crawlin back up the chute!”

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Ye Olde Scribe; elderly curmudgeon who loves to laugh while giving right wing enemas.

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David Corn: You can follow David Corn’s postings and media appearances via Twitter. (Or is he just another Reich Wing Twit who Tweets?) This was also posted at This post found at Politics Daily

What follows here is the full text of his somewhat right wing-nutjob jab posting found at Politics Daily interspersed with Scribe’s knockout blows. Or is it just that Corn’s logic here blows? The title of his weaker than water argument is…

The Battle of NY-23 and Sarah Palin’s Purity Problem

Once you whip up a mob, can you control it? That may be Sarah Palin’s next problem.

Good starting gambit. Tell the truth. Scribe would give a tip the hat, but you follow with…

Before the votes were counted Tuesday night, the former Republican vice presidential candidate was already something of a winner. Though her candidate in the special election for a House seat in upstate New York, Doug Hoffman, lost to Democrat Bill Owens — in an area that hasn’t sent a Democrat to the House since the 1800s — Palin, by intervening in the race, had established herself as a successful ideological power broker. At first, Hoffman was merely a third-party conservative candidate in New York’s 23rd congressional district. Yet when Palin backed him over the official Republican in the race, a moderate assemblywoman named Dede Scozzafava, she helped turn this contest into an intra-party clash, which ended with the right wing of her party chasing Scozzafava out of the contest and forcing the GOP establishment to swing behind Hoffman. On a night when the Republicans won the governor races in New Jersey and Virginia, Hoffman’s defeat was almost anti-climactic. But for Palin, who previously had been in the news mostly for the wrong reasons — that doesn’t count the Levi Johnston soap opera — this episode made her seem relevant and influential.

Scribe balls his fists and…

Wait. She ran and lost with McCain. She held other offices before being gov., quit those, then quit mid-gov-ship, then she inserts herself into a pissy little race in a region populated by a lot of loons (more literally than figuratively speaking) and manages to lose that for her party. Just how does that qualify as “something of a winner?” Established herself as an “ideological power broker?” About as much as the serpent qualified himself as a broker of good instead of evil in the garden.

Oh, please, Sarah, insert yourself again! PLEASE! Oh, that feels good. Let’s have a Camel and do it again! No, Sarah, not a REAL camel. Is that who will help you give birth to the next Palin family scandal?

“Relevant?” “Influential?” Her boy lost, TWIT!

More “relevant like alchemy” and influential like getting Eve and Adam to eat apples.

With their anti-Scozzafava campaign, Palin, Glenn Beck, Dick Armey and other conservative firebrands declared they were not going to accept moderate Republicans as candidates, and they have emboldened grassroots right-wing activists to continue this crusade. That is, the former Alaska governor and the others have unleashed the furies. As has been widely noted, therein lies potential trouble for the party. An ideological civil war probably won’t be good for business for the GOP — though these conservatives clearly believe that right-wing purity is the best path for a Republican return to power. Still, Palin may run into a dilemma of her own.

That the best you can do, Corn? Scribe isn’t even close to breaking a sweat. (How do you “break” a sweat, anyway? Interrogate salty water until it goes all Moses and parts?)

Hey David. Did you see the people dancing with whacked out hats and dumb signs on top of the tower just before the aliens fired their death ray in Independence Day? They were “emboldened” too. Want the same result? Please, more of this brand of “embolden,” please!

Good shot on the purity comments though, but Scribe avoided them by stating the obvious to your obvious with a, “DUH.”

Revved up by the purge in New York, tea partiers across the nation are now salivating — did you happen to see “Zombieland”? — as they eagerly search for other prey. They already have a list of RINOs (Republicans in name only) to hunt. On their to-get list is Charlie Crist, the Republican governor in Florida, who’s running for the Senate. Marco Rubio, a conservative former state senator, is challenging him for the GOP nomination. Also in the crosshairs for conservatives are Republican Rep. Mark Kirk, who is seeking Obama’s old Senate seat in Illinois, and possibly incumbent Republican Sen. Robert Bennett in Utah. Bennett’s being opposed in the GOP primary by a conservative activist who has Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, campaigning for her. Die-hard conservatives — their blood lust heightened — seem to be adding names to their execution wish list almost daily.

You mean the “purge” of both the semi-moderate, semi not and even some Cons? The “purge” worked so well the party had their former boxer throwing jabs for the other side! GOOD GOING!

Go ahead. Add names. Make it public. Threaten them. That’s whats theys good at. But it’s all a bit too much like like playing Russian Roulette with a six shooter and six bullets. And somehow you managed to miss that this “bloodlust” was heightened by LOSING in a district that had been ReThug for how many years, back to when the ReThugs were actually Republicans?

Though Palin led this merry band in the battle of NY-23, she now might have to worry about these activists, especially if she’s pondering a presidential bid. With the Hoffman quasi-victory — or was it a Pyrrhic victory? — the grassroots conservatives have had their expectations raised. As they rush after other Republicans not deemed ideologically correct, many will look to Palin to continue leading the charge. But going after a no-name assemblywoman is a different matter than targeting sitting governors, senators and House members. Is Palin truly willing to lead pitchfork-waving conservatives against well-established Republicans, such as Crist? Florida, after all, could be an important state in the GOP presidential primary.

“Had their expectations raised?” What, of losing even bigger? Good point about Florida, though Scribe suspects voting corruption sponsored by Right Wing ideologues won’t have that state moving politically much in the foreseeable future.

Perhaps Palin does intend to keep her position as cannibal-in-chief.

Good shot! Scribe responds: yeah, but only as long as she hasn’t quite devoured herself yet.

If not, she runs the risk of disappointing the true believers she inspired in the fight for NY-23. Alienating her fellow RINO poachers could cause serious difficulties for Palin in a presidential campaign — and leave an opening for other contenders to fill. “This is tricky stuff,” says a senior Republican strategist allied with another possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate. “She could be walking right into a breach.

The fact she has yet to disappoint some only proves they like losing. What exactly has she done so far that would not disappoint anyone who is mentally stable? She won’t “walk into the breach,” she’s already in the door and bragging about living in a political/personal loony bin.

Thanks in part to Palin, there are plenty of conservative activists now fired up and ready to go. As they gallop after other Republicans, will Palin stay at the front of the pack? Or might she be trampled by the ideological vigilantes she has helped set loose?

How can one be “trampled” by people ignorant and stupid enough not to see how much of a crazed loser she is already? Hell, her daughter’s ex-sperm donor seems more sane and has a better image amongst the sane. Kind of like moose turds have a better image than someone who eats them and says they’re actually Tootsie Rolls.

But you tried David. And Scribe suspects you and the rest of the media whores will continue to do so. Just don’t forget to mention when election time the ref keeps raising the hand of the winner and it’s rarely the Sarah sponsored candidate. Or columnists that start out their columns labeling a loser a winner.

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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RS Janes
14 years ago

Hmmm, Corn porn, eh? Will there be children of the Corn, perhaps?

Seriously, something seems to have happened to Corn’s mind after he became a regular guest on cable TV shows. I’m not sure, but I believe I saw a clip of him on Fox News — I think that kind of proximity to Roger Ailes, O’Reilly, Beck and the gang does unsavory things to all but the strongest progressive minds. I think they become addicted to being on TV and they self-censor since they know they won’t be invited back if their opinions are ‘too strong’ or too far from what the corporate media has determined is the ‘proper’ form of liberal disagreement, which means weak and vacillating and full of compliments for the other side. (Think Alan Colmes.) Meanwhile, the right-wingers can say any damn thing they please and get away with it. Noam Chomsky has written extensively on this subject — it’s an effective means of controlling public discourse and therefore public opinion.

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