Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Written by Lilith Raymour

The Professor took off his glasses and wiped them. He had been thinking of his housekeeper. So erotic, especially last night. She let him do anything and everything he wanted.

“I’m glad my wife’s away for the week. She’d never understand.”

He had a hard time as he interviewed students about their papers and their desires to get better grades. The girls were the most annoying. He was devoted to his wife: he could never cheat on her; especially with some young thing looking for good grades. Well, except with the housekeeper.

The day seemed to wear slowly and before he eventually picked up his briefcase at 6; walked out to the staff’s lot, and climbed into his Lexus. He had grown stiff from fantasizing about the housekeeper.

It was dark as he approached the house except his bedroom. He had left a light on. He threw his briefcase on the kitchen table and went upstairs. In his room he imagined he could hear her screams for mercy, but that was impossible. She was locked into the closet and tied down tight so she wouldn’t escape. He imagined her pleading for mercy, telling him she deserved to be punished. Just thinking about it turned him on. He had been kinky enough to tape her mouth shut when he left for college this morning. Not that she would ever really say anything. She was always so quiet, willing: compliant.

He threw open the closet door, dragged her out and threw her on the bed. She didn’t struggle. Just when he started to mount her he heard a sound: escaping air….

“Oh, damn, damn, damn. Now I have to ‘hire’ a new housekeeper. I hope the wife doesn’t see the package when UPS delivers my next housekeeper.”

He knew she would never understand.
Copyright 2009
Lilith Raymour
all rights reserved

Your next Housekeepr awaits
Your next Housekeepr awaits


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