Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

The video is provided here in case any of you are masochists, or desire to share the NPs disgust. It is without a doubt a record for the most bullshit contained within a 6-minute clipever.

The clip begins with Glenn Beck stating that he doesnt know if anyone returns from Washington with his soul. The stagecraft is very oddthe Statue of Liberty not so casually holds her lamp over Glenn Becks head in a sheltering, blessing gesture. Those of us in the image biz can certainly appreciate the subtlety of appropriating the symbol of Americas commitment to liberty to setup the scripted softballs for Sarah fucking Palin.

Incidentally, that location shot was weird. Did Fox have to mount a trailer on a billboard tower in the Jersey swamp to get that angle?

Within the one-minute mark the Wasilla wannabe makes 12 ‘mmm’ noises, and brings forth eleven whole words. Fox apparently thinks the less said the better. I give it a week before some enterprising dubster creates a mashup of these ‘mmmms’!

Sarah is magnificently clueless or in on the game. She knows, or must suspect that the George Washington that Glenn so slyly refers to is not and can never be her. He is setting the stage for a strongman to claim the constituency of the teabaggers. Who in the military is positioned to affect a coup? Is Glenn dictator shopping?

The fact that the father of our country would pound the little fascist Glenn Beck into a pewter cup to soak his wooden dentures in eludes the quitter governor of Alaska. I dont want to subject you dear readers to any worse torture than already is a reality by the mere existence of these evil charlatans, but just look at the smirk on the quitters face at the top of this clip! The News Pauper defies any reasonable thinking human being that maintains that she doesnt know the script is nothing more than just a script.

Have you ever had a friend that overdid his cocaine use and wore out his voice chatting up uninterested females in super-loud dance clubs? Glenn Beck has that ultra-spent partier vibe happening in this clip. His default setting is shriek, so, his demeanor in the beginning of the clip is a departure of sorts. Perhaps this bit of stage management was inspired by a desire to seem grave and relevant, a desire stemming from a severe want of the same.

So, the launch of the Titanic that will be the career of Sarah Palin on Fox News exhibits in its first offerings the fruit that it will yield. This is what happens when treason is left unpunished, I say. Can anyone say that this dynamic displayed is not sedition? Now that the destruction of our economy has successfully created all the more rabble to rouse, isnt this latest abomination at least as dangerous and volatile as the propaganda that has led time after time to unrest? Give me one example when we were glad to have been through one of those eras when they had passed?

When the powers that produce this drivel have passed into history in failure, and they will, what kind of world will be left in their wake? We have seen the failure of George W. Bushs presidency, and the unprecedented horrors of torture, war, and surveillance of the Dick Cheney vice-presidency, give way to an environment where this grotesque charade is possible. How much worse will they make it before we break from the strain and repeat the disasters of the past?

We need to have the mass communication system to function, but unless we get a grip on the way we allow ourselves to be talked to, we face a descent into chaos from which we may never arise. Civilization is crumbling and it is people like these that maintain that the black man in the White House is a prostitute are at fault.

People exactly like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, who are both actual whores of the lowest sort.

The NP respectfully departs.

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2010 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.



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RS Janes
14 years ago

The priceless part in this mess is the at the end where the Palinator delivers up these pearls of wisdom:

PALIN: “let me tell you one thing in that vein. I would be perfectly happy to go back to Wasilla, Alaska, with my five children and grandson and raise a happy, healthy family and love the great outdoors and do the things we do in Alaska.” [Who’s stopping her?]

PALIN: “But if I believe that in some capacity I can help this great nation, I’m going to be willing to sacrifice and to change some things and my lifestyle in order to, in order to serve. It doesn’t have to mean, though, top dog. That doesn’t have to really entail having any kind of title.” [Anybody believe that? Hey, would you like to buy a nice, big bridge?]

It’s a pile of steaming offal only a teabagger could love.

14 years ago

ol’ sarah really declared war on history with her comment on DC. she cannot be truly intended for the service she aspires to…so what function CAN she have?
i would predict an anna nicole smith ending,or maybe a more violent demise. to be exploited to the hilt by the wingers. the tragic loss of their heroine might strike the spark that triggers the fury.
i have a few examples of people coming from DC better, my first would have to be george washington himself, an example glenn provides too.
what gets me is the absolute absence of anything resembling logic or self awareness!

RS Janes
14 years ago

Absence of logic or self-awareness is pretty much the Ice Queen’s calling card. But I don’t think, at the end of the day, the Powers-That-Be that control the big money in the GOP will let her be the candidate in 2012. Of course, I’m the idiot who saw Junior give a speech on C-Span in 1999 and concluded nobody would ever vote for this tongue-tied goofball over McCain, so you never know.

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