Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Photobucket provided picture of marbles plotting

Regular readers know that Scribe has a literal army of spy flies that leave his Anti-Archie bunker and return with reports. Has anyone noticed no one plays tiddlywinks anymore? Just where have all the marbles gone? Here’s spy fly: serial number 4563XHICCUP2’s, report. It’s a spy fly image of a news release for an upcoming event.

Washington: 2012, November- Human beings. Lay down your weapons. Sarah Fumblemouth Palin, step back from accepting those bogus election results. (Thanks, Diebold/ES&S, or whatever you call yourselves now.) We, the worldwide marble conspiracy, are declaring world domination.

Aggies and Micas will take back all the mineral rich areas where you have enslavement millions over the years to mine for riches. Beachball marbles will immediately proceed to any place Jimmy Buffet has been. Devil’s Eyes and Sulphide will rule over Washington, DC: since no other decent marble wants to venture into HELL.

Other assignments to follow.

We have come to the conclusion that humanity is simply not intelligent enough to rule this planet. The past 50 years you have really been losing it, from Flat Earthers, to Birthers, to Whitewater, to going to war over lies; you simply are not a sentient species. Torture as an acceptable method for those claiming to love “freedom?” COMMON PEOPLE!!!

Take, for example, Barack Obama who promised health care, pushed for it, then let Congress go on break so they could rally their troops with BS. Then tosses out all the things his base wanted just to get SOMETHING passed? Let Joe LIE-berboy rule? Come on. Intelligent? Even an addled Adie knows better than that. Or Barack likes what happened in Haiti because he can “use it?” Even the most putz-y Lutzes are smarter than Steely-balls Lush Dimbulb.

You are like kids who play with us and lose us simply by walking away. Except Glen Schmeckus the Beckus; who never had any marbles to begin with.

Resist us and we will be under foot, under your wheels: everywhere. You have been warned. You are the ones who have been losing your marbles for years.

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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