Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

Tonight was the State of the Union speech Id been waiting to hear. Without once losing his composure, Obama stood down the bullies across the aisle and showed them for what they were. His pacing and eloquence was worthy of the great orators of history this country has contributed to the world.

I felt like I was watching the beginning of the Civil War! And just to show how the other guys are thinking, the Republicans decided to broadcast their response from the chamber where Jefferson Davis presided over the Confederacy. The response speech itself was peppered in stale old platitudes, and was delivered as if the speaker was taking great pains to hide his realization that the situation was grim. Speaking of painful, it is truly sad to see the pathetic choreographed camera shots containing the compulsory racial tokens. Dont these producers think before they shoot? Or, do they simply go by some book?

I dont know if Barack Obama saved any souls tonight, but his speaking style was reminiscent of some of the sermons Ive heard given by a man called ‘The Reverend’ C.L. Fairchild. Possessing simultaneously tones of gravity and humor, the dear old Rev. used to captivate my imagination and attention. Whether he was admonishing or encouraging, one got the sense that he was for real and was always trying to help. Even in the face of failure or adversity, The Rev.s grace in accepting Gods will showed through.

The NP spins his wheels and waits for the better days, and it surely helps when one can look at the TV and see a man that has committed himself to solving the biggest problems for the smallest people. It is wonderful to think that maybe the fact that there isnt some stupid drunk cowboy giving away the ranch and acting like a king in office will improve our chances at healing our image.

It was inspiring to hear him call out the Supremes for their ill-advised overturning of the campaign finance laws. It was inspiring to hear the Joint Chiefs of Staff being told that the war in Iraq was over. It was inspiring to think that the Military finally has a Commander-in-Chief that wont grind them into grist at the drop of a hat.

Old Johnny-boy Boner, cigarette bumming, Grey Goose guzzler from Ohio, no doubt required a double ration last night. No amount of vodka is going to soothe the pain of the castration Obama performed on him publicly — in front of a full house to boot! To see the tanned marionette on his feet giving an ovation to Obama immediately afterwards was icing on the cake.

I wish I could think on the kind of level I saw displayed tonight. I adore the metaphysical ju-jitsu Obama employs. I marvel at his patience where I know I would be having charges pressed. He frames his arguments with impeccable, implacable skill.

The News Pauper knows audiences; he can tell when the speaker connects. That speech was connecting BIG TIME. The jaws on the floor on the Republican side when they heard Obama’s message was because they knew that the message was undermining all their obstruction. The silence in the chamber when the words flew was reverberating in the homes of the citizenry, and those Republican corporate lackeys were shitting their pants.

All I can say in closing is, Man, was I ever in the mood for this!

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2010 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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RS Janes
14 years ago

I heard on the radio that one poll — didn’t catch the polling company’s name — had Obama shooting up from the high 50s to 80 percent approval following the speech. Across the board, in all the polls, he’s soared up. Indeed, the GOP must be wetting their pants now — they still don’t know how to beat Obama when he’s on his game. He made them look like the mean, obstructionist, selfish little assholes they really are.

I like VA Gov. Bob McDonnell’s lame solution to the health care crisis — cap malpractice suits and let people buy insurance across state lines. Right, Bob — the Dem bills in Congress allow you to buy insurance across state lines and capping malpractice suits doesn’t improve treatment nor lower costs, as has been proven in the past. It was also incredibly stupid, but typically Republican, to hold the GOP response in the capitol building of the Old Confederacy, as you mentioned. Or, perhaps, they were sending a subtle message to the boys in the pointy white hats — yeah, like that’s going to elect Republicans in the future.

RS Janes
14 years ago

BTW, did you catch that nitwit Tom Coburn with his finger in his nose digging for gold? Priceless.

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