Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Where is this country going? I mean, blowing up a Senatorial pages' cellphone to talk about sweaty workouts during a vote, and now…oh, wait, wrong party. What's really non-family values is that Hillary Clinton is too busy to go down on the cock anymore, and that's why the commie lesbian is trying to kill all the Christian babies and that's what you'll get if you allow her into the White House. The nerve of that woman, trying to have a career.

Hey press, don't you have anything better to do? I heard there was a war on…Isn't America already stupid enough without hawking non-news about Democratic leaders who enjoy alot more straight sex than Republican ones, and who don't spend their energies in government trying to craft legislation to stop themselves from swinging? Republicans make me ill. The best their titular head can do is snare some goldigging Robotron 2090 and wear her like a nice watch-and they want to lecture us about Hillary allowing Lips Lewinsky into the Presidential fly? I'm sorry, but I'd rather imagine a threesome with Bill, Monica and Hil with Hillary buried to the nose in soft Lewinsky labia than contemplate anonymous bathroom sex or try to get some pleasure out of fucking Cindy McCain. I'm weird that way.


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