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Palin to ‘Lip Sync’ Future Speeches Says Aide

By E.T. Mandible
Nashville Journal-Advertiser
February 8, 2010

Exclusive to the Journal-Advertiser

NASHVILLE In the wake of her speech last Saturday to the Tea Party convention held here, an aide to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told this reporter that her future speeches would be lip-synched. (Lip-synching is a technique where the speaker mouths the words live to a pre-recorded tape or CD.)

An aide to the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, who asked to remain anonymous, said that Gov. Palin was “deeply concerned” that she might make a “boo-boo” that could be exploited by what the aide described as the liberal national news media.

Palin camp spokeswoman Meagan McCurdle, while refusing to confirm the story, dismissed questions by claiming that lip-synching is now a standard practice for anyone who appears before large audiences. “If you want to be heard in the balcony seats, you have to lip synch,” Ms. McCurdle said, “and everyone does it.”

When asked if those who have paid to hear Gov. Palin speak might be disappointed if she lip-synched instead, Ms. McCurdle offered, “I don’t think real Americans care if Gov. Palin actually speaks live. They are there to hear her message of freedom, and to be a part of a movement that is coalescing around her, to be part of the atmosphere of pee-in-your-pants excitement that surrounds Gov. Palin wherever she goes.”

Mrs. Mindy Snook, chairwoman of the Memphis Belles for Sarah organization, who attended the Saturday speech, said, “I don’t care if she talks standing on her head! She’s just so fabulous I can’t stand it! Sarah’s like doing the whole football team in one night! Who cares if she lip syncs?”

Her husband Ben, who is also the vice chair of the Tennessee Republican Party, added, “Sarah’s cutting edge and this is that kind of technology. Soon, all the politicians will be doing it. Anyway, she’s the whole package of sexy looks and beauty pageant charm, so what’s not to like even if her voice is on tape?”

When reminded of Gov. Palin’s criticism of President Obama for using Teleprompters in his speeches, Mrs. Snook replied, “This is an entirely different ballgame, it’s mixing apples and zebras with oranges and whiskey. Sarah can talk for hours with just some stuff scribbled on her hand, and I’m sure she won’t use a script or anything in the original recording. Let’s see that Kenyan Marxist in the White House do that!”

Before leaving Nashville, Gov. Palin is scheduled for a book signing at the Dixie Dog Breakfast Hut and Book Nook, Route 5 at Forrest Rd., tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. to noon, where she is slated to be joined by local favorite Dickles the Singing Cat.


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