Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

by W.B. Dunne

So, another column from the un-deadlined News Pauper. What shall I dish on this week? There is the Sarah Palin crib note controversywhich is ever so handy for the right, by whom it was no doubt manufactured, seeing as their candidate cant support even the limited role assigned to her. That is, it is far too late to distance themselves from her, and the Astroturfers cant have the ideas of the candidate exposedbecause she hasnt any. It is clear to any trained eye that the time that has passed since the election of 08 has had little effect on Sarahs ability to retain even the most cursory knowledge of the movement she leads, let alone the details of the grave responsibilities that will attend the culmination of her goals.

If the NP hadnt lived through the massive disconnect of the Carter/Reagan election, where treason was undoubtedly committed by the GOP by dealing arms for hostages while nothing happened to the perpetrators of the crimewhile the face of the party was a doddering throwback to the propaganda films of the fiftiesI would mock the idea that the corporations would back such a twit as the quitting governess of our northernmost state. I am compelled to warn and cry out beware to anyone that will listen. I am feeling like I am up against the evil of our last century, and that evil grasps like the horrible zombie it is for a role the coming one.

The entire affair is a creation of a series of myths that will be heavily relied upon to forward the narrative that our overlords need in place to further their domination of our discourseto the ends that only a certain class will have the ability to realize their potential. It is no less than an attempt to turn America into an aristocracy of sorts. Our citizens have been so effectively dumbed-down under the watch of the Republicans and corporatists that are more concerned with what is vended in the school machines than what is taught to the students and what is fed to the masses by the corporate media that they are rendered little better than serfs.

There is a difference in our current dilemma; the Dark Ages of the past were peppered with corresponding myths for the rulers. That idea of noblesse oblige, that you were born into the gentry by an act of god and you were to repay your good fortune to god by the tender mercies you disposed on your inferiors, is woefully absent in the minds of our would-be rulers today. We will be crushed and starved into submission without pity or remorse, because a corporation cant feel, and that relieves the CEO of the guilt of his actions. Profit is the god they worship, and your little life carries no weight at all. Sarah Palin is too stupid to realize she is being used to accomplish these goals. I wouldnt be surprised if she was martyred in time to catalyze some future electorate by the same masters she serves now. Thats the trouble with becoming servile and relinquishing your independence blindlyyou make yourself utterly expendable.

In another area of discussion, I was introduced through my wanderings to a group I had not heard of before called the Obama Army. They purport to be a group of anti-Teabagging protesters. Now call the NP a cynic, but this group seems in its demographic makeup to be identical to the folks across the street they are confronting. Could there be a possibility that the Teabaggers themselves are responsible for this counter-protest group? How better to attract what is left of local media to show up to cover your show than to have a potentially volatile situation custom made for the five oclock news? As the NP sees it, we are inundated and infiltrated up to our eyeballs in shit like this and until someone calls it out we will see more and greater attempts to manipulate the ideas into form. The way were headed this will degenerate into civil war in a blink.

At least Im on record for pointing such things out. I can die happy and still be free.

What about you?

2010 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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