Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Below is a link to a YouTube video from, Mercy for Animals, documenting conditions at NY States largest dairy CAFO . You may have seen parts of it on Nightline January 26th. Although the tail docking and dehorning procedures are legal in NYS, this video also shows the filthy crowded conditions the animals endure.

Leprino foods which manufactures cheese for distribution to companies like Pizza Hut has refused to take any more milk from this dairy. I have written to thank them for their stand and I have also written to Dairylea asking them to refuse to pick up their milk. Perhaps if those of us who are appalled both show our dismay to Dairylea, and our appreciation for the public stand Leprino has taken, we can make an impact on animal health and safety.

Leprino Foods, 400 Leprino Ave, Waverly NY 14892-1351

DMS/Dairylea, 5001 Brittonfield Pkwy POB 4844, Syracuse NY 13221-4844

By AFarmer

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RS Janes
14 years ago

A disgusting way to treat animals. Ana, I wonder if you have read this article by Russell Mokhiber of the Corporate Crime Reporter called “The Monopolization of America”?

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Two multinational corporations controlling the beer choices of 300 million Americans. [MillerCoors under the direction of South African Breweries (SAB) and AnheuserBusch In Bev.]

And it’s not just beer.

One single multinational corporation dominates the world supply of eyeglass stores.

One dominates the milk supply.”

One corporation dominates our milk supply? That I did not know, but I’m not surprised. Whenever the GOP bloviates about letting people have wider choices in health care by being allowed to purchase it from other states, the MSM and the Dems never mention that most of America’s health care ‘system’ is run by five parent corporations and there’s almost no competition in price or available policies between them. This is nearly as disgusting as the mistreatment of animals portrayed in the video clip.

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