Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

By W.B. Dunne

It may be the status quo that the right-wing of the political spectrum in this country has bragging rights on who has the farthest out, most violent, stupidest supporters. In the entire history of this country it has always been the right that provides the most madness, the least progress, and the greatest potential for sudden violent action.

But the News Pauper maintains that we have reached an era where the old template doesnt quite fit anymore. I have been witnessing a dynamic I am unfamiliar with. Never before has the apparatus for disseminating hatred and misinformation had such a heavily greased track to ride on. I wonder if the stirring I feel is the awakening of a real Godzilla.

Could it be that all the overkill engaged in by the likes of Fox and friends has gone too far and desensitized its target market? They have an apparatus that Goebbels would have recognized and slobbered over, but is the incompetence with which they operate their undoing? It is no longer necessary to invoke the cry for authoritarian tyranny through the false flag. One can traumatize just as severely without giving the masses as much as a hangnail, through the mass media, which the right controls.

My little column and my articles reach perhaps as many as several people. However, if I get one comment affirming my premise, I can assure myself that I havent wasted anyones time. If it were otherwise, I would hope the large readership I was addressing was equally discerning. What will happen to this machine that seems to undermine its own existence? A tool designed to educate cannot be long applied to a purpose opposed to that result. You wouldnt use pliers to hammer a nail, right?

We have already seen the playing out of the infotainment angle, in other words, the attempt to replace what will enlighten with something else that stands in as important information. An entire generation has grown up thinking that TMZ is news.

If I were one of the nameless operatives of the apparatus, I would be paying a great deal of extra attention to my own demographic. It would seem that the greatest threat to the culmination of my goals would have to come from within. Perhaps a member of my own secure set would suffer an epiphany of conscience, and decide to expose or attack from within. A single person can affect a great change when that person is positioned to capitalize on the opportunity.

The NP predicts that in the very near future we will see a great defection from the power class that will in a single blow recover much of what America has relinquished in her confusion over what to believe. It is time for that Great Man to appear that will renounce his sins against his fellow citizens of the world and become a hero in doing so. Maybe that man is thinking about that this very minute.

After all, one cant help but get the eerie feeling that some agenda has been thwarted somewhere, and the perpetrators are merely regrouping for another, more desperate attempt. I think the most likely area to watch is the groups that were poised to inherit the territory that was left behind by Bush-Cheney.

No one could have anticipated

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RS Janes
13 years ago

While I’ll definitely affirm your premise as I think the right-wing media is slowly going on the cliff edge, I have to say that I once did pound in a nail with a large pair of pliers when a hammer wasn’t available. Of course, it’s a very inefficient way to pound in a nail, and I ended up with raw, skinned knuckles. I could only wish the same painful fate for the entire right-wing media apparatus, only on a permanent basis. We could then easily identify the propagandists by the bandages on their hands.

Ken Carman
13 years ago

Just when I think the Right Wing media has found the most absurd, most ridiculous, scary high cliff from which to go off of, they always find a higher, more dangerous, one to jump off of. It would be laughable, if they didn’t drag most of society along with them.

RS Janes
13 years ago

Oops! of course, I meant to write ‘going off the cliff edge’ but now we don’t have the ‘comment edit’ function anymore so I couldn’t correct it.

At any rate, Ken, I think the right-wing craziness has gone so far over the top that many independents are being scared away and Republican registration is still at its lowest level in history. Even some of the teabag groups don’t want to be part of the GOP. The Big Media thrives on constant conflict and visuals of angry protestors — if they’re righties anyway — but the Teabaggers and Republican Noise Machine still only accurately reflect perhaps 10 to 15 million voters. That sounds like a lot until you realize 69.5 million people voted for Obama in 2008 and more than half of those who voted for McCain do not agree with the opinions and obsessions of the Beck-Palin-Limbaugh Goofy Hard Right. (Plus 71 percent of all voters now think Palin is unqualified to be president — up from 60 percent just a few months ago.)

Many are angry at Obama and the Dems for seemingly not getting much done, but that does not mean they’re ready to join Rush’s Dittohead Droolers, Beck’s Army of the Permanently Stupid, nor Palin’s Christopublican Warriors for Ignorance.

Ken Carman
13 years ago


I do it here…

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You have to wait for it to fully load… then; if you curse your cursor under the comment you want to alter, options will show up for editing. You can’t see them otherwise.

I haven’t made up my mind, but either the next edition or the one after that will be about our differences regarding this. Stay tuned.

RS Janes
13 years ago

You’re right, Ken, but I meant the edit function that was right on the comment page and available after you posted your comment. That edit function was also usable by those who weren’t authors on the site.

will b dunne
will b dunne
13 years ago

this column was written less than 24 hours before mr. stack flew his plane into the IRS building in houston. i feel like one of the tsunami elephants that headed for the hills the day before. there will be more of these type of events, fatal for the person, yet insignificant in actual effect. i don’t like having this aggitative prognosticating gene but what can one do? i can almost tell when a doozy is coming up. next time i won’t be as embarrassed.

RS Janes
13 years ago

I think this will get worse as the effects of the multi-national corporations and banks gradually pulling the rug out from beneath the middle-class hit home. If Obama and the Dems can pass some legislation to regulate the scoundrels and mitigate the sure meltdown we’re heading towards, that might bring us back from the brink, but that’s a big ‘if.’ We’ll see what happens with health care — if the Dems pass a public option and some of the other cost-cutting HC laws through reconciliation, it will be a good indication that they’re ready to tackle Wall Street and the Banksters — and ignore the useless GOP.

Boardroom Tables
13 years ago

Huh that was weird, my first post didn’t work. Anyway I had to say that it’s nice to see that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Much obliged.

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