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Here are some stats: Costa Rica vs. the U.S., that may interest those wishing to follow Rush into Costa Rica in five years because they are unhappy with health care reform…

Universal Health Care?
Even after the reform. U.S.: no. Costa Rica: yes… long before the current controversy.


U.S. has the largest, most well funded, in the world. Costa Rica: Costa Rica has no military by constitution. (All Costa Rica stats from this link.)

US… (Source embedded in link.)

* Christianity: (78.5%)
o Protestantism (51.3%)
o Roman Catholicism (23.9%)
o Mormonism (1.7%)
o Jehovah’s Witnesses (0.7%)
o Orthodox Church (0.6%)
o other Christian (0.3%)
* Unaffiliated, including atheist or agnostic (16.1%)
* Judaism (1.7%)
* Buddhist (0.7%)
* Islam (0.6%)
* Hinduism (0.4%)
* other (1.2%)

Costa Rica:

“According to the most recent nationwide survey of religion, conducted in 2007 by the University of Costa Rica, 70.5% of Costa Ricans are Roman Catholics, 44.9% of the population are practicing Catholics, 13.8% are Evangelical Protestants many of them Pentecostal, 11.3% report that they do not have a religion, and 4.3% belonged to another.”

(Notice that Atheist and Agnostic percentages are probably about the same, though Catholicism is higher in Costa Rica.)

Remember all those Socialists and Commies “disappeared” during the 70s and the 80s? Some of them may be your neighbors.

“Costa Rica took in many refugees from a range of other Latin American countries fleeing civil wars and dictatorships during the 1970s and 80snotably from Chile and Argentina, as well as El Salvador who fled from guerrillas and government death squads.”

Until 2009 the government controlled telecommunications and insurance. Although competition is now allowed that doesn’t mean that the government is out of the business and only “free” enterprise is allowed: just the opposite. The “unfair” competition of government card is still in play.

So the question is: eager to move to a country that’s more socialist than the U.S.? Then please do. Don’t let the screen door slam you on your inflated ego on the way out.

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