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“Republicans originally thought that Fox [News] worked for us, and now we are discovering we work for Fox.”
David Frum on Nightline, March 22, 2010, blowing Fox’s whole ‘fair and balanced’ mumbo-jumbo, as quoted by Media Matters.

— David Frum, Frum Forum, March 21, 2010

“David Frum: “What the Hell is Going On at Fox News?”
— Jamison Foser, Media Matters, March 18, 2010


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13 years ago

Today’s Right Wing can be neatly divided into two groups;
One group is small. It consists of black-hearted sociopaths and Machiavellian manipulators acting for morally bankrupt corporate and strategic interests, who know exactly what buttons to push to take easy command of the stupid and the greedy.
The other group is large and consists of the stupid and the greedy.
It no longer resembles the movement it once was. Independent thought is no longer required and is actively suppressed unless it’s informed by a ledger book, the bible or a bomb. They are overwhelmed with fundamentalists, fanatics and the frankly insane. If you’re not an utter nutter, you don’t get a seat at the trough.
Have you ever tried to shoo hungry pigs from their trough? Try it, and you’ll know the life of a whistle-blower from the conservative world. The same fate awaited countless public officials who developed a distaste for the White-house’s CoolAid during Bush and Co.’s reign. Can we really expect the Directors of today’s movement to have changed their spots in a few short months? Why would anyone think that?

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