Mon. May 20th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

And that’s where the fear of the perpetual angry mob comes in, and perhaps why Fox News, rather than lamenting the ugly and cowardly eruptions, seems to be encouraging it, or at least rationalizing it. Perhaps Fox News, the de facto opposition party, wants that threat of mob intimidation on the table, maybe Fox News wants Democrats to be thinking about the political consequences of further upsetting that unhinged mob.
— Eric Boehlert, “What if Fox News Actually Wants Mob Violence?” Media Matters.

The NP crawls back to the rancho like the proverbial wastrel he is without explanation or excuse for his absence. Contributing to the LT Saloon at times can be like imagining ones self to a tropical island. If it isnt the sheer caliber of writing taking my will to express myself into the alley, it is the scope of the issues to choose from which all are serious enough to consume all of my time and me with it.

Allow an example please:

I chose the quote above to begin this post because I think it is the most present danger we face.

I could have started with any of these other serious issues; the mining company that is in the process of shielding itself and by proxy all corporations from, the responsibility of destroying the lives of the families that were unfortunate enough to work there.

I could expound upon the release of a little movie called Collateral Murder filmed by the crew of an Apache helicopter. I predict a slew (pun) of copycat films to follow.

Imagine if these were released as they happen, instead of having to sit on a shelf for two years, how it would affect the day-to-day ratings and enlighten the masses to the glory of using .50 cal. rounds on unarmed groups in broad daylight. How wonderful for the police state to advertise the results of their long research. (I give up; it is impossible to even summon sarcasm to react to what is contained in this bravely leaked video.)

It would be so easy to bring up the continuing failure of anyone at all holding the past administration to account for war crimes.

I could talk all day about Exxon Fn Mobil Oil Company paying zero taxes in 2009, or that a Chinese vessel is spilling oil onto the Great Barrier Reef or that I feel stressed and manipulated and frankly embarrassed about having zero hope today for the future.

I once thought that it would be enough to see conservatism despoiled for its falseness. I watched as the smarmy fake ’80s made a brand of Christian conservatism, then I watched it morph into the 911 brand of torture-crazed patriotism; now I see Fox News fomenting sedition with impunity and wonder where it will stopI know where it will lead if it doesnt.

It is with humble apologies to my editor and you readers that I submit my latest debacleif I dont become less discouraged, if I cant reset my outrage circuit, I may be done for.

W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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RS Janes
14 years ago

Don’t despair, WB – as dark as things seem right now, the idiots are losing ground. All of this outrage and violence is the last gasp of a dying movement comprised of bigots and morons. Remember, they are still a tiny minority.

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