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The Vile Volcano of the Right erupts on the subject of Supreme Court nominations in quotes from 2005, 2009 and 2004 respectively. Careful, you could get whiplash:

“I’m tired of these Democrats acting like they won the election. Somebody needs to stand up and say, ‘When you win the election, you pick the nominees. Until then, shut up! Just shut up! Just go away! Bury yourselves in your rat holes and don’t come out until you win an election. When you win an election, you can put all these socialist wackos, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, all over the court, but until then, SHUT UP! You are really irritating me.'”
— Rush Limbaugh on his radio show, July 5, 2005, when the GOP was still in the majority in Congress and Junior Bush was in the White House. Quote from Media H/T to

“Do you think we should go to the mat stopping Sotomayor? Do you think we oughta go to the wall to oppose her? And I said absolutely we should. Once again, an opportunity to draw the distinct contrast that exists today between conservatives and those in the Republican Party to President Obama. I doubt that Sotomayor can be stopped. She should be.”
— Rush Limbaugh in 2009, as quoted by Mark Halperin on Time’s ‘The Page,’ April 16, 2010.

“This filibuster, as you know, they’re filibustering these nominations which requires essentially 60 votes for a judge to be confirmed. The Constitution says nothing about this. The Constitution says simple majority, 51 votes.” []
“If the Senate, which has the constitutional right to make its own rules, decides that it wants to require a super-majority vote to pass certain bills such as tax bills — and they can do that. They can write those rules all day long — such a rule would not infringe on presidential power. But to do so when it affects a presidential power, which takes us into a separation of powers issue, like the appointment of judges, that is unconstitutional, in my layman’s view.”
— Rush Limbaugh, Dec. 24, 2004, as quoted by Media

Alicia Morgan of Last Left Turn Before Hooterville has the right idea, “Obama – For the Supreme Court, Let Limbaugh Be Your Guide!” I only hope President Obama is listening.


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