Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Written by Millie Jenny C.

So many different kinds of love
It seeks us out
from the smiles of our parents
and relatives
Even before
we really remember
there are hints of love.
Soft murmurings
as we grow
from an embryo

The voices of encouragement
as we reach out
and try
To understand
those surrounding our crib
then our bed
as we emerge
and grow
with increasing awareness

that we cultivate carefully
taking chances
and then
shrinking back
as love hurts
we can become so wary
that we fail to understand the true nature of love. . .
It means risking being hurt

Family ties
that should be there infused with love
hurt so much when they fall short
Or even worse. . .

And yet love cannot happen. . .
will not shine bright
without holding our heart in suspense
Giving love that chance to bloom

Romantic love
can be the most rewarding of all
It can reach out and touch us
in the most funny and poignant ways
This kind of love
can start slowly and build to a crescendo
Or can start intensely
and continue to bloom
seem to fade
and bloom again
. . .this time even stronger
or with an increasing level of depth.

If. . .
and when
we let the tendrils of love take us unaware
and show us its many wandering paths and avenues
We can drink deep of the sweet nectar of love

And when the full bloom of love occurs
whether romantic
or friendship
it can be so sweet
. . .it risks overwhelming intoxication.

So take time to reflect every day. . .
Taking the risk. . .
taking that chance
those chances
That will allow love to take seed

Even from the weakest starts
the shakiest roots
that despite the weeds
or the rocks
somehow continue
to find its way
through the feltergarb
and through the maze
And take us completely unaware
with the strength and endurance

…of love’s magic
©Copyright 2/9/2009
Millie Jenny C.
all rights reserved
(Note: this version edited to provide a different perspective from the previous version by Lutin Muse)

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