Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Ana took time off from lobbying and blogging to have a quiet night out at a local cinema. Having seen the trailer for Ghost Writer, I expected to see a finely honed, suspense filled drama, loosely based on recent politics.

Directed by Roman Polanski, and starring well qualified actors such as Ewan McGregor as the ghost writer, Pierce Bronson as a Tony Blair type former Prime Minister, Olivia Williams of Dollhouse fame, and even Jim Belushi almost unrecognizable in is role as a publisher (the voice gave him away), all of whom performed well.

Even so the film was disappointing. The suspense was just not there. There were plenty of twists and turns so I would have to say the writing was the problem. I just could not beleive that McGregor’s character would take the risks involved to solve the plot.

On another note I was happy to see that the film did not go in for a lot of cheap sex, though I also could not buy that McGregor’s character would risk sex with Lang’s wife given that he thought his life might be in danger.

If you have the chance – go see another film.

By AFarmer

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