Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

“Why would Fox News so vociferously and ardently defend BP when even Republicans were fighting to get in front of microphones to denounce Rep. Barton’s apology and the company’s approval rating is, quite literally, somewhere between O.J. Simpson and Saddam Hussein? It’s the same reason they attacked Obama when he sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, and the same reason they attacked him for asking that the country pray for the Gulf coast. It doesn’t matter what Obama does, Fox News will automatically gainsay it. It doesn’t matter if they make no sense, look foolish, or wildly contradict themselves — if Obama does it, it’s wrong. He could replace Teddy Roosevelt’s face on Mount Rushmore with Ronald Reagan’s and they’d attack him for desecrating an American landmark.”
— Simon Maloy, Eric Hananoki, Ben Dimiero, “Fox News’ Oily Sheen,” Media Matters, June 25, 2010.

Watch For It! The latest Noise Machine Strawman-from-the-Ozone accusation: There are blind, unquestioning Obama supporters out there who want him to declare himself dictator, just like that Hitler fella! Except for a comment from Woody Allen (hint to humorless righties: he’s a satirist as well as a director) from a Spanish newspaper, I have found no progressive on the Inner-Tubes or other media who seriously wants Obama to declare himself a dictator, but that won’t stop the wingnuts.


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