Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I have to admit that e-Readers are a little tempting. Relatively small and light weight, I can carry an entire library in one book size gadget, promise to not hurt the eyes like reading on the computer, instantly download from the e-cloud. They are just a little more expensive than I would spend on a “gadget”. And here’s why…

For how long will I be able to read what I want on that gadget?
Think about music. I had a child’s wind up Victrola that still worked. It played 78’s. Haven’t been able to get new records for it since I don’t know when. I certainly didn’t listen to the Monkees or Joni Mitchell on it. Those 45’s and 33 1/3’s were played on my brother’s HiFi. Then there were all those 8 tracks. When I married, my husband had a very good system for playing them. Later I was always going to by the insert so we could play the smaller cassettes. Didn’t happen but I do have several boxes of cassettes, not including the ones that went into yard sales over the years. Then CD’s. I didn’t buy many of those. Too expensive and by the time I got around to thinking of buying them, the next generation was rising on the horizon. I do have an iPod. It’s already out of date but so far I can still use it.

One thing that electronics have shown me is that from music to movies, computers to cameras, my device will become outdated and unsupported before it becomes unusable. Planned obsolescence.

As long as I can see well enough to read…..

I’ll stick with a book.

By AFarmer

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