Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Rachel Maddow reported July 14th that five-heart-attacks-since-he-was-37 Dick Cheney is hanging on by a thread following complete heart failure, kept alive only by a machine called a LVAD resting externally on his belly that keeps his blood moving. Ironically, because an external machine is circulating his blood rather than his damaged heart, Cheney apparently has no pulse, not that I would have sworn he had one before. Although I wouldn’t wish death on any human being (leave that to the kill-crazy wingnuts; I’d rather see him in jail), and Deadeye Dick marginally qualifies in that category, this would seem to be close to the end of the line for the Torture Boy the doctors can do no more except a full heart transplant and he’s physically in such bad shape he likely couldn’t survive the operation. (Although the sci-fi plot possibilities of Cheney receiving the heart of, say, a peaceful Buddhist monk and publicly renouncing his past self is nearly irresistible. “I’ve done wrong and now I must pay the price! President Obama, put me in prison for war crimes waterboard me, I insist! And I’m donating all of my millions in wealth to Green Peace! Liz, stop crying like that!”)

If he goes, are we going to be subjected to the full-pomp, days-long state funeral, or will every news outlet but Fox let him pass with just a brief mention and obit? I also wonder if, in his final moments in this realm, a fearful-of-judgment Cheney will pull a Lee Atwater and ask forgiveness for his past crimes and deceptions?

2010 RS Janes.


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Ken Carman
14 years ago

Either way eventually there will be some long ass funeral where all the crackpots and the “I should be nice” liberals will kiss the posterior of what should have been stiff before it was born. There is little doubt there would be a whole lot less dead innocents in this world, a better economy, less turned into squash torture victims if Mama Cheney had had a partial birth.

In a more sane, humane, time he would have been on the docket… or dead in his bunker like his closest intellectual brother. And if he had had any humanity he would have turned his shotgun that day and stuck it in his own mouth instead.

RS Janes
14 years ago

There is a theory out there that Cheney’s evil personality may be the result of overmedication for his heart and other physical ailments. Friends who knew him back in the 70s and 80s say he changed in the 90s, becoming much more hostile and angry — these are side effects of certain potent medications.

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