Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

This, That and Other Scat

— “Throw under the bus” Isn’t it time to throw this exhausted Mediocracy line under the bus and back over it a few times for good measure?

— The country’s deeply in the debt and borrowing money to keep afloat, our economy’s ‘under the bus,’ and our military is near the breaking point, yet I didn’t hear McCain asked even one question regarding how he intends to pay for his endless war in Iraq, nor how he plans to find fresh bodies to sacrifice to his vague idea of victory over there.

— Will Tonya Harding object to her tactics of ‘knee-capping’ Nancy Kerrigan being compared to Hillary Clinton’s going negative against Obama? I can hear Tonya now, “I’m voting for that McCainey guy I don’t truck with them pinko liberal commies like Clinton.” (Side note: Will Hillary be appearing on “Celebrity Boxing” in a few years?)

— Speaking of Hillary, what could she be thinking by proposing to alleviate the housing crisis by dragging in Robert Rubin and Alan Greenspan to fix it? Rubin is the ultimate Wall Street insider and rinky-dink deals by his Big Money cronies caused the crisis in the first place while Greenspan’s fetid policies as Fed chief set the stage for the economic disaster we’re wallowing in now. Would a President Hillary invite McCain and Cheney in to help her during a Middle East crisis?

— Hey, Jimmy Jeff Carville want to talk about traitors? How about a Democratic Party presidential candidate who praises Republican John McCain over her Dem rival?

— Neocon Smear Pick ‘n’ Choose: Obama is either a) a crazy Christian who hates America; b) a crazy Muslim who hates America; c) a crazy Black Panther who hates America; or, d) a crazy atheist who hates America — take your pick! Whatever. At least they can all agree that he’s crazy and hates America. Now if they can only get him to stop making speeches that might convince voters of the contrary. (BTW, his wife Michelle is a Black Nationalist who also hates America, so don’t forget that.)

— Cynic’s Corner: Mr. Cynic says it’s in the tank, Hillary Clinton will get the Dem nomination, and it doesn’t matter to the Corprocracy whether McCain or Clinton are elected, either one will do what they are told. Unless there isn’t another election because President Junior declares martial law after another 9/11-style attack. Since Bush doesn’t have the troops to enforce martial law, unless he pulls them out of Iraq and Afghanistan and he’ll never do that — he will have to use either Blackwater private contractors or the Chinese Army to enforce his decree. Of course, if Blackwater or China were providing the muscle, there would be no reason to keep the incompetent Dim Son around, so hello to Emperor Dick the First. Just for perspective, Mr. Cynic has been saying Bush the Younger will declare martial law before every election since 2002.


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