Sun. Feb 25th, 2024


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13 years ago

Another fine job. I read that Sarah Palin is selling her “unwashed”underwear to raise money for Sarah PAC. I was thinking a Sarah Palin ‘scratch and sniff’ cartoon might be interesting.

What do you think?

Love your cartoon covers!

RS Janes
13 years ago

Thanks, Eric. Is that Palin story true? I mean, I wouldn’t put anything past her where money’s involved, and I’m sure she’d have, at least, Rich Lowry as a steady customer. I’ll see if I can work something up on the ‘scratch and sniff’ concept.

RS Janes
13 years ago

Update: Eric, here’s something interesting I found regarding Palin’s underwear, from an email she wrote:

“Do they want the nylons and other things that are pretty worn, returned?” (And she asked a campaign aide, “Do they really want my dirty undergarments?” Indeed, Palin had something of a fixation on the handling of her undergarments, and insisted, when hotel maids did her laundry, that only campaign aides be allowed to touch those particular articles.) Attempting to wrest some control over the situation, she added, “I want say in the charities these will go to.”
— Michael Joseph Gross, “Sarah Palin’s Shopping Spree: Yes, There’s More…” Vanity Fair, Sept. 1, 2010.

She wants to donate her dirty underwear to charity?

Ken Carman
13 years ago

Gee, thanks guys. Now you’ve done it. I’ll never wear womens underwear again. (Chuckle)

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