Sun. May 26th, 2024


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Ana Grarian
13 years ago

It’s getting so crazy out there it’s hard to believe this isn’t some SNL sketch. How did our gov’t get into the hands of such clowns and who are these citizens who are enamored with them? At the same time that we’re encouraging more people to finish school and go to college the politicians are flunking middle school.
Maybe we should get the student council to run for office?

RS Janes
13 years ago

Meg’s shameless. In her debate with Jerry Brown, she shed crocodile tears for ‘poor Nicky Diaz,’ the household employee she fired abruptly after nine years when she decided to run for gov., the same one Meg said was like a member of the family and yet refused to help become a citizen. Meg also over-worked this ‘family member’ by having her function not only as a nanny for her kids, but as a housekeeper and cook, too, all for $23.00 an hour. Just think how much money billionaire Meg saved by having ‘poor Nicky’ provide all three services! It’s like an SNL skit in hell.

Ana Grarian
13 years ago

I have heard people complain that they can’t find people as housekeepers and nannies so they have to hire non-documented workers. Of course they are looking for people to give up their own personal lives and be a Mom 24/7 often for $10/hr. Goes to show that we still don’t value parenting.
Once I overheard a professional man explaining to his friend why they still had a nanny. His wife gave up her job to stay home with the baby, but she couldn’t do anything she wanted to because she was so busy with the kid. So they rehired the nanny. I almost screamed “HELLO! Welcome to reality!”

RS Janes
13 years ago

They hire undocumented workers for the same reason industry does: they work cheap and, if they start asking for raises or benefits or regular hours or better conditions, you can threaten to call the INS and have them shipped back home. Plus, if they don’t know the language well, they’re less likely to tell the media what you’re doing.

Decades ago, I knew of some young girls from Ireland who were brought over here as live-in maids and nannies. Once here, they were essentially bond slaves. Most of these girls were naive teenagers from small villages, and worked for below minimum wage, plus room and board. Usually, the wealthy family they worked for would bill them monthly for room and board which, of course, they couldn’t afford to pay off from their meager salaries, so they became indentured servants. The whole thing was initially legal because the employment agency provided them temporary visas but, when the visas ran out, the employer would tell them they couldn’t go home until they had paid for their room and board — if they tried, they’d end up in jail. A few managed to marry an American and get out from under, others simply ran away, but many stayed for years with the same family, fearful of being tossed in jail for not paying off their bill. I talked to a woman who attempted to help some of these Irish ‘refugees’ and tried to get the state AG to prosecute the rich people who were illegally keeping them in slavery. The employers were well-connected and rich, so the prosecutions went nowhere — the girls were just sent back to Ireland and that was it. It’s quite a scandal that probably still goes on, but I haven’t read a word about it in the MSM.

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