Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

by Ana Grarian

Ana recently had the pleasure of speaking with a young man who was posting flyers for a local meat education and tasting fair. Put on by the cooperative extension it will be an opportunity to meet local producers and to taste a variety of meats. Sort of a “Meet your Meat” fair.
Ana asked about a news item saying the local University would like to purchase local beef but there wasn’t enough available. To be honest Ana doubted this. Some factions of Big U seem to be fully in the throes of Big AG and Big Business which has put them at cross purposes with Ana.
For example: Why are the coffee shops “Big Box” when we have an assortment of very fine local coffee concerns?
The gentleman was knowledgeable  about the program and said that it in fact was true. While though there are enough beef cattle raised in NY to meet Big U’s needs there are not enough raised in the manner required to meet the meat standards, that are not already promised to other buyers. That means there is room in the market for other local, ethical growers.
Ana hopes to be able to meet with the meat man for a longer conversation.

In the mean time………check out your local cooperative extension to see if there is a meat fair scheduled for your neck of the woods.

By AFarmer

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