Thu. Jul 18th, 2024


by Ana Grarian

Today is a good day. It’s chilly and rainy but it’s still a good day. For once the political news is heartwarming. No, I’m not talking about the elections. Today I learned that, thanks to the tireless work of a group of its citizens, the CNY town of Schroeppel, facing a building campaign for a 72K head cattle feedlot/ethanol plant/slaughterhouse development project has rescinded its resolution to work with the BION corporation,

Ah. People can make a difference. When faced with the concern of respectful, well informed, dedicated citizens, local government can be reponsive.

Schroeppel, NY – Nearly one year ago, the Schroeppel town board voiced its support for the construction of a huge 72,000-cow meat processing and ethanol production facility in the town.

But tonight, the board voted unanimously to rescind its resolution to work with Bion Environmental Technologies.

Now – all is not won, and folks will need to stay on top of their game. This does not mean that BION cannot proceed with plans for this project. It means that the town has not resolved to support the project until it sees and approves of concrete plans for the project. Up until now the project has been a pipe dream filled with nebulous “possibilities and promises” with little real information to back it up. Like where the different pieces of the project would be located and who would run them.
Speaking of pipe dreams. Coming up in an adjacent county is a town meeting on a proposed biogas pipeline that will have the county bailing out 7 CAFO’s from their environmental woes. Hopefully a concerned citizenry there will also prevail.

Ana will keep you updated………

By AFarmer

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