Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

“The NEW Beverly Hillbillies”

Copyright 2009 Joanne Fiorito

Let me tell you of a story ’bout a man named Dick

He held some closed door sessions, that’ll make the public sick.

He took off one day just a-frackin’ for some crude

and up through the ground came his troublin’ goo.

Tight Gas – that is, Neo-Gold, Cheney’s Tea

Well before Y’all knew it – ole Dick’s a billionaire,

Nearly broke Halliburton, it gave him quite a scare.

So he fashioned all the politics to see his vision through.

And now all our lands are about to get screwed.

Soiled – that is, Cesspools, Lands scarred.

Now’s the time to say good bye to Dick and all his crew.

We have to stop him in his tracks, before we all turn blue.

It’s time to uninvite this cuss from this vicinity

Or we’ll all become the owners of – the land of misery

Y’all go away now, Y’hear!

By AFarmer

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