Sun. May 19th, 2024


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Joyce Lovelace
Joyce Lovelace
13 years ago

This is a particularly good one. I just don’t understand how those politicians can hold their heads up in public after screwing the general public for the sake of the fat cats.
I REALLY can’t understand those members of the general public who defend them.
Most people I know are not going to make even half of the 250K level, most will be lucky to see there income rack 1/5 of that,and yet they back those tax cuts.
Heck even Reagan taxed them higher.

RS Janes
13 years ago

Thanks, Joyce, and you’re right. Fortunately, the Simpson/Bowles disaster was defeated in committee today — it needed 14 to pass and they could only muster 11. But they’ll be more votes in the future.

13 years ago

I think we should just get simple about things. If a government official wants to raise taxes send a letter and state your thoughts on it. And then if they vote for higher taxes vote them out. Whenever the government has to deal with economic disaster, like the one Bush left behind, thank you very much the money never seems to get to who needs it. Taxes never go down, they always go up. And asking for huge raises in our taxes should be voted out. When they start to go down, vote them in a second time. When they go down to 10% then stop there and everyone will be happy. Throwing more money for less services to people who can’t properly manage what they’ve already been given shouldn’t be given any more to loose.

Mega-corporations are storing huge amounts of money they take from the American citizen and instead of paying taxes back into the state and federal governments to take care of things we all need to live here, they fly it or ship it to an offshore account and they stow it there. For what? You know what? I don’t even care about the whys anymore behind their whats. This has just gotten too stupid.

Raising taxes and parking meter costs in Chicago and privatizing parking meters and tollways was supposed to solve our problems. Guess what!! It didn’t work! Raising taxes more and people will start abandoning their homes and condos. Oh the banks have helped this along to be sure. But if the regular yous and mes don’t take the responsibility to vote for people who are only making things better, then nothing will change.

If the city makes it impossible to live in the city people will leave it. They already have. Oh tourists may come to Chicago. But higher taxes will make it a ghost town.

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