Sun. May 19th, 2024


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Ken Carman
13 years ago

Another scam promoted by scam artists. Gee, regulating nothing is “grand.” Just before. and during the start of, the previous Depression: the one before the up and coming one, people bought gold to “protect themselves.” The gov confiscated it. There’s nothing I have seen to indicate they ever received a penny for that gold. Of course, if they did, I’m sure it was a pittance.

So, OK, I can see Glen Beck advertising it, but… Thom Hartmann? haven’t heard him do it lately. Hope he stopped.

RS Janes
13 years ago

Ken, what Hartmann is selling and what Beck is selling are two entirely different things. The gold Hartmann is peddling is from a top-rated firm and is fairly-priced, from what I’ve read; the junk Beck is selling are gold coins from a bunch of rip-off artists and are vastly overpriced. I’ve read you wouldn’t be able to make back your investment in Goldline’s gold coins in your lifetime unless gold prices went up by something like a thousand percent, which would be in the same probability neighborhood as Billy Mays arising from his grave to pitch the latest version of the Salad Shooter.

I think it was Rep. Anthony Weiner who started an investigation of Goldline’s underhanded practices in the House; now that the GOP is taking over, I’ll bet that investigation quickly goes nowhere.

I hadn’t heard that story about gold prior to the Great Depression, but it’s almost certain that when gold is being pushed on the Fox News idiocracy, it means we’re on the verge of a steep decline in gold prices. A similar thing happened with real estate — everyone from Wall Street economists to Suze Orman were telling the Sheeple that real estate was bound to contine rising in value and was their best investment. Well, we know how that turned out, and the same thing is going to happen with gold, IMO, with a few at the top making all the money from the deal.

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